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Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, did because Medusa said she was prettier than Athena (Medusa used to be beautiful), so Athena punished her with ugliness.

Another version of this myth is that Medusa was a lover of Poseidon and Athena was a little jealous (though she was a virgin goddess). When they went to her temple together, Athena was insulted and made Medusa and her two sisters hideous.

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Medusa was turned into an ugly Gorgon by Athena. She did so because Medusa once made love to Poseidon in Athena's temple.

Medusa is a person. She and her sisters made up the Gorgons. She was made ugly by Athena and had snakes for hair.

its so important because thats a part of the conflict of when Aphrodite and Medusa is basicly Aphrodite was jealous of Medusa and made Medusa ugly

No he was not mad because he was turned to stone when he stared at Medusa. Then was alive again and Made love to Medusa and had 500000 children then He dumped Medusa for another god because Medusa was UGLY

It was actually a goddess- Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She caught Medusa and Poseidon together in her temple.

Aphrodite turned Medusa into an ugly beast we people said Medusa was prettier than her

Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, and very beautiful. She was punished, though, for sleeping with poseidon (the sea god) in Athena's(god of battle and wisdom) temple. Athena made medusa have snakes for hair and made her so ugly that any one who looked at her directly in the eyes would turn to stone.

Medusa was one of the three gorgons transformed into an ugly monster by Athena

Medusa turned mortals into stone, just by looking at them. Athena had made her so ugly that she would turn any person who looked directly at her into stone on sight.

I think that you can eat medusa peppers when there red, but not if they're wrinkled or ugly.

Medusa allowed herself to be seduced by Poseidon while she was a priestess of Athena. Not only did she break her vows of chastity, but she did so in front of the image of Athena. To punish Medusa, Athena made her even more dreadful to look at than her sisters.

No one knows, He is a Big Jerk tho cause he made love to the worst person ever ... Medusa yep Medusa people might think Medusa is Ugly but she was beautiful until Athena goddess of Wisdom found her Uncle Poseidon making love to Beautiful Medusa in Athena's temple that made her furious so Athena cursed Medusa into a gorgon with hair as snakes

I think it was part of the punishment. Athena turned Medusa ugly because she was angry at her, and she also turned Medusa's sisters ugly.

Medusa the Gorgon had no weapons. Instead, she used her eyes. She was so ugly that when people looked at her, they turned to stone.

First of all, Medusa is a gorgon, not a goegon. Medusa wasn't always an ugly monster. In fact, she was one of the most beautiful person in the world. Poseidon was in love with her and one day, Athena found them in her temple. She got mad and since she couldn't do anything to Poseidon, she turned Medusa into the ugly gorgon you have now.

Poseidon was in Athena's temple with Medusa. At that time, Medusa was beautiful. Athena caught them and got furious. Then she turned Medusa ugly with snake hair.

Medusa used to be beutiful and was poseidons girlfriend and the couple went to athenas temple and athena felt disrespected so she put a curse on medusa making her ugly and cruel

She was once the most beautiful goddess of them all. But then when Aphrodite was born, she got jealous of Medusa. So she put a spell on Medusa so that she could become the most hideous goddess ever. And that is what happen to Medusa!!

she looked really UGLY lol:)

She is way too ugly, for people to look at.

She is a Gorgon, Gorgons are women that are hediousley revolting and ugly from being cursed, Like Medusa, she used to be a beautiful woman but then she got cursed by a goddess and transformed into an ugly, evil snake-haired woman.

Medusa was a gorgon that was ugly and turned men to stone. She was killed by Perseus.

snakes for hairso ugly she turned people to stone with a glancewas once a beautiful womanwas cursed by Athena because she (Medusa) made love with Poseidon in one of Athena's templewas said to be very embittered and dangerous

Answer: The year Medusa Barbie was made in is 2008.

a person with a pretty face but ugly snake hair and eye

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