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Need a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, type of action.

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Value of a 1980 Winchester rifle 22 short octagonal barrel?

Need to know who made it, how long the barrel is, exactly what 22 caliber it is (short, long, long rifle, etc.) and overall condition before being able to help with an answer.

If barrel is round, it is a post-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal, and the grip is checkered, it is probably a pre-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal and the stock is plain, it is likely a Model 25. That's as close as I can get sight unseen.

The minimum legal length for a rifle barrel is 16 inches. Unless a special permit is obtained from the ATF / government for a short barreled rifle.

There is no legal maximum for a pistol barrel, A RIFLE must have a MINIMUM 16 inch barrel unless registered as a "Short Barreled Rifle", but pistols do not have a maximum.

The minimum legal barrel length for a rifle without requiring it to be tax stamped and registered as a Short Barreled Rifle is 16 inches - that's federal law, and not just Vermont.

Springfield is the manufacturer. A rifle is a long arm with a rifled barrel. A carbine is a short rifle, generally considered having a barrel length of 20 inches or less. All carbines are rifles but not all rifles are carbines.

What do you mean by short barrel? They were all 24" barrels. The barrel is measured by putting a stick ( or whatever ) down the barrel from the muzzle until it hits the bolt, it is not the measurement from the muzzle to where it hits the receiver. True for all guns. That is the barrel length. The 241 is a "Takedown" Rifle, so you have about 3/4 of an inch beyond where the barrel meets the receiver that is threaded so you can assemble and disassemble the rifle.

Without requiring a permit for a short-barreled rifle (SBR), 16 inches. That's federal law.

Manufactured: 1913 The manufacture month and year of a Remington rifle can be determined from a letter and number code stamped near the back of the barrel on the right side. If your Model 12 is not marked 12A, 12B, 12C, 12CS, 12D, 12E, or 12F, it is a basic Model 12.

Without a detailed description, no way to tell. Broad range of 100-1000 USD.

Provide a detailed description of all markings.

It all depends on the rifle the size of the barrel and the load in the bullet. .22 Bullets come in stubby, short, long and Mag.

A carbine resembles a rifle, but has a smooth barrel while the rifle has a grooved barrel. The grooved barrel gives a rifle greater accuracy, but a lower muzzle velocity. An air rifle is a rilfe that uses compressed air to launch a pellet, rather than an explosive charge to launch a bullet. <><><><><> A Carbine has nothing to do with rifling. It's a short barrel air rifle or a pistol that has a rifle butt-stock attached to it. In a since it's a cross between a pistol and a rifle. They fire the same ammo as a full size air rifle but are not as accurate. They are used because they are lighter in weight and good in close quarters.

By definition, a carbine is a short rifle. The standard M-16 has a 20" barrel, while the M-4 has a 16" barrel. A number of US Rifles have had carbine versions, with the notable exceptions being the M-1903 and the Rifle, .30 M-1.

Doesnt. Twist and bullet weight will decide much of the accuracy. Long barrel for magnums because of the amount of powder being burned is important. Otherwise short barrel in any rifle will just increase muzzle flash and report.

To many variables to answer the question. You have to specify the caliber, whether it is a rifle, revolver or pistol and if the barrel is standard twist rate for the caliber.

Mine says. short-long & long rifle, right on the barrel.

There are two answers to that term. CARBINE is the general term for a short rifle. However, there is a LEGAL term in the US- Short Barreled Rifle. This refers to a rifle whose barrel is less than 16 inches long, and/or overall length less than 26 inches. Under the US National firearms Act, such rifles are legal only if registered with the BATFE, and a tax paid on their transfer. They are in a similar legal class with sawed off shotguns and machineguns.

Without requiring an NFA permit for a short-barreled rifle, 16 inches - that's federal law, and does not vary between states.

If not marked on the barrel, have a gunsmith check it out.

The barrel length of the M4A1 carbine is 14.5 inches. Legally, it would be considered a short-barreled rifle by the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).

44.40 carbine, and a 38.40 pistol...He carries a "Large Loop" short barrel carbine model 92 Winchester repeating rifle.