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Well, a lot of people could serve as answers to that question but I suppose the two most significant and well known would be Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt, both presidents of the United States.

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Q: Who made a large impact on the happenings of the Great Depression?
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List four ways that the Great Depression had an impact on American life?

The Great Depression left large numbers of Americans without jobs or food.

What is another word for the great depression?

the large sorrow

What were the effects of the Great Depression on Asia?

The American Great Depression had a significant impact on the entire world, much as the recent recession had severe impact on the global economy. Asian's were arriving in the US via California in search of jobs and money. As the railroad finished and the Great Depression began, this hurt Asian immigrants who would send money back home. This also decreased imports overall in the US and Asia has always been a large exporter.

Where is a crater located?

A large depression in earth cause by impact of an asteroid or other object from space.

What are the top causes of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was caused by a large amount of environmental factors that proved to be to much to handle at the time. The top causes of the Great Depression are: the stock market's crash, World War I, and the changes within the United States's political power.

What was an underlying cause of the Great Depression?

The underlying causes of the Great Depression included the 1929 stock market crash, the failure of large banks, and the lack of purchasing. Also, drought conditions affected farming and helped to cause the Depression.

Who were leaders during the Great Depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR was the main leader during the Great Depression due to the large amount of help provided by him through the New Deal

Why were people in the US hit with hard times during The Great Depression?

The great depression caused these hard times. The depression was when the stock market crashed. This was because a large amount of people sold out their shares at once and there was no more money to go around.

What happened to the unemployment and wages during the great depression?

there were large increases in unemployment and decreases in wages.

What is a group of large North American lakes formed in a depression scoured out by glaciers?

Great lakes

What is the difference between a crater of a volcano and crater made by a meteor impact?

The crater of a volcano is the opening where lava flows out at the top, while a crater from a meteorite impact is a large, circular depression caused by the meteor "exploding" on impact.

Did world war 2 end the Great Depression?

Yes it did. The Depression didn't end that soon, the Great Depression ended in 1941 which is also when the US got involved in the war. The economy was almost back to normal before that, but there was another large recession in 1937. Some people make the case that the Great Depression wasn't over until the war was over.

A volcano that appears to be a large sunken depression is a?

A caldera is the name for a large sunken depression on a volcano.

How do catastrophic events affect the ecosystem?

The impact depends on the event. If a catastrophic economic event such as the Great Depression occurs then the ecosystem will not be affected except if the event results in less trees and crops being planted. However if a catastrophic event such as a large meteorite impact occurs then the ecosystem will be adversely affected in a big way.

The large scale movement of great plains residents to california during the great depression resulted in?

A greater demand on available relief funds in California.

How did the Great Depression?

The stock market crash in 1929 started the Great Depression, wiping out people's investments along with the failure of the banking system. It ended at the beginning of World War 2, when large amounts of money were needed to finance the war.

The drout during the Great Depression?

A large drought overwhelmed the Great Plains area in the 1930s. The drought caused much damage in the Dust Bowl states.

Which of these practices contributed to the great depression in the United states?

Americans invested and spent beyond their means by taking out large loans.

Which of these practices contributed to the Great Depression in the US?

Answer this question…Americans invested and spent beyond their means by taking out large loans.

What is the difference between a crater and a caldera?

A caldera is a large depression formed at the summit of a volcano, left behind by the excavation of magma. A crater is formed by an explosion or impact.

How did the Great Depression change the role of government in America?

After the Great Depression, the federal government took a much greater role in helping individuals financially. Roosevelt's New Deal played a large part in this, introducing things such as Social Security and the FDIC.

The large-scale movement of Great Plains residents to California during the Great Depression resulted in?

a significant decrease in the number of industrial workers in California

What is a large circular depression formed at the top of a volcano called?

A caldera is a large circular depression formed at the top of a volcano.

The new deal program employed large numbers of artists and writer during the great depression?

WPA (works progress administration)

What new deal program employed large numbers of artist and writers during the great depression?

The Works Progress Administration (WPA)

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