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Who made a single shot lever action 22 rifle and what year were they made?

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* Who? Stevens, Savage, Meriden, Quackenbush, Winchester, Ithaca, Warnant Freres, et al. * When? Starting about 1880 until today. If you really want a serious answer, you are going to have to give at least a little information.

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Looking for 357 smithwesson lever action rifle?

S&W never made a lever action rifle.

How old is the Stevens model 89 22 rifle?

The Stevens model 89,22cal lever action single shot rifle was made in 1976-then discontinued.

When was model 89 savage arms rifle made?

If we are talking about a lever action single shot ,22cal rifle,with a 18in barrel,and Martini style action?These savage/stevens model 89 rifles were made in 1976.

What is the value of a rememington 35 cal lever action rifle?

Remington never made a 35 caliber lever action rifle, you have a rifle by some other manufacturer in 35 Remington, who's?

What year was a 44 shot rifle lever action single shot made by J Stevens Arms Tool Co?

it was made approx. 1896-1916

How do you assemble a Winchester 243 lever action rifle?

The only Winchester made lever action rifle was the model 88.I would refer you to a good gunsmith to put your model 88 lever action rifle back together again,as these rifles are complex and should not be attempted by a novice.

Who made American Eagle lever action 22 rifle?

POSSIBLY your rifle is a Noble Model 275.

Who made the Revelation model 115 22 lever action rifle?


Winchester .243 cal lever action rifle?

Yes, they made it.

Who made the Master Mag 30 30 lever action rifle?


What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30as lever action rifle 13085758?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1987.

What year was the browning lever action rifle with model number 159k69 made?

Your Browning BLR model rifle was made in the year 1969.

What is a savage 99CD 308?

A lever action rifle made by Savage in 308 Winchester.

What is the value of a 22 caliber single shot rifle It's a Crack shot 28 lever action long rifle made by J Stevens arms and tool co?

sears sold this rifle in the 70s sears sold this rifle in the 70s

What year is a 300savage rifle with a serial389976?

If we are talking about a savage model 99 lever action rifle? then it was made by savage in 1939.

Is there a place to find out where and when a rifle was made?

Start with the markings on the gun. Is it a Winchester,Marlin,Remington,etc? What cartridge does the rifle fire? (.22,.243,30-06,30-30,8mm Mauser?) Is it single shot or magazine fed? Is it bolt action, lever action, semi-auto? When you can answer these questions, you can get an idea of when and where it was made.

Who made the revelation model 200 lever action rifle? has a store brand chart.

Who made the sears and roebuck JCHiggins model 45 lever action 22cal rifle?


When was Ted Williams 100 lever action rifle made and by whom?

it is tedwilliams/sears/winchester

What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30A lever action rifle 18021952?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1982,with the serial number that you have provided.

What is the value of a Winchester model 88 us made lever action rifle made in the early 1970s?


How old is a marlin lever action 38 w with serial 67044?

If I understand your question correctly,you have a Marlin lever action rifle chambered in 38WCF(38-40).If that is the case,then you have a Marlin model 1889 rifle,that was made in the year 1892.

When was the Marlin 336sc lever action rifle last made?

The model 336SC was manufactured from 1949 to 1963.

What is the value on 38 special lever action rifle made by a uberti and cgardone?

50-300 usd

When was Winchester rifle serial number 5016210 made?

If you are asking about a Lever action Winchester model 94 rifle,then the serial number indicates that it was made in the year 1980.

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