Snow and Ice

Who made snow?

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God did

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What is a house made of snow?

if it would be made out of snow it will melt

What was the worlds largest snow man maine made of?

He was made of snow

What is snow made out of and how?

Snow is made from water evaporated into clouds and then when it falls,if its cold enough it freezes and turns into snow.

What is a snow tornado?

its a tornado made of snow

What is snow and ice made out of?

Snow and ice are made out of frozen crystallized water.

What is a snow tractor called?

A snow tractor is called a sculpture made from snow.

Can snow be evaporated as snow?

no, as would evaporte into water , as snow is made from ............... WATER !! ;)

What is snow about?

snow is not about anything its made out of frozen water

Is snow made out of copper?

No, snow is a form of water.

Who makes snow king snow bpowers?

Tecumseh made an engine called the Snow King, which was used on many snow-blowers made by different manufacturers. I do also remember a blower under the name Snow King that was made by a long gone manufacture.

What are characteristic of snow?

It is white. Snow is made from water. Dont eat yellow snow.

What is the name for a house made of snow?

Igloos are arctic dwellings made from ice and packed snow.

What does a snow bunny look like?

a bunny that is made out of snow. so it will look like snow.

When was Snow White made?

Snow white ( the Disney movie) was made in 1937. Voiced by adriana caselotti

What were inuit snow goggles made from?

Inuit snow goggles are made out of leather, bones, or ivory. But newer ones are made out of wood:)

How do you make snow?

Snow is made of water,ice, and cold tempetures.

What is snow pudding?

Its soft poop made on snow. It tastes great!

What is insta snow powder made of?

how to make instant snow powder

Who is a famous character made of snow?


Can tornadoes be made out of snow?


What is snow made from?


What is a quinzhee made from?


What is quinzee made from?


What is Frosty made out of?


Can water be green?

only if you put balloons in it. but the balloons have to be made out of snow, if they arent made of snow then the water will be brown