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I have a RANGER 22S-L-LR-M36, but I am missing the bolt. This rifle was made by Marlin. I have a single shot Ranger, with no magazine. This would be cross referenced as the Marlin 100,.


I have a single shot .22 long rifle (bolt action) with the exact same markings as the ones you posted. I am not 100% on who or what company manufactured this rifle but I can tell you the following:

- I have a .410 single shot bolt action shotgun made before 1938 by J. Stevens and Company out of Mass. This company was later bought by Savage Arms in or around 1920, I believe. - This .410 has the word 'Ranger' stamped on the left side of the gun just below the cocking slot and above the trigger grouping. 'Ranger' is stamped in this receiver, of the .410, with the exact same font as used to stamp it on the barrel of my .22 Lr. - Furthermore, the triggers and trigger guards on both the rifle and the shotgun are identical in shape and metal composite. The wood stocks appear to be of the same wood. The measurements of both stocks are the same. - Overall length of both firearms are identical as well.

In short, I believe your rifle, and mine as well, to have been made by J. Stevens and Company. It seems as though this company did not serialize many of their guns until later down the road, so expect your rifle to be made before 1938.

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Q: Who made the 22 S-L-LR Ranger M36 single shot rifle?
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