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David made the Jewish star. That is why the Jewish star is also called The Star Of David.

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Q: Who made the Jewish star?
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Why was the Jewish star used as a symbol in world war 2?

Because the star of David was representative of Jewish people and it was easily made and drawn and grafitied on Walls by scumbags.

What is the significance of the Jewish star?

The Jewish star is called "The Star of David". It's shape is a hexagram made of two triangles. It's displayed on the national flag of Israel and is the symbol of Judaism. It's also known as "The Shield of David".

What does the Jewish star stand for?

The Jewish star, also known as the star of David, is the symbol for modern Judaism. The Jewish star represents God's rule of the universe in all six directions.

What were Jewish people made to wear around their arm?

During the Holocaust, Jews were made to wear a yellow star of David, or a white armband with a blue Star of David on it.

What is the name of the Jewish star?

The Star of David

How was the Jewish Star enforced on the Jewish people?

They would break into synagagous and use the directory to find people and enforce the Jewish star

When did The Jewish Star - Alberta - end?

The Jewish Star - Alberta - ended in 1990.

When was Chicago Jewish Star created?

Chicago Jewish Star was created on 1991-02-22.

Is the Star of David a christian or Jewish symbol?


Is kendall schmidt Jewish?

No he is not Jewish, but his co-star James Maslow is Jewish.

What was the star of David?

The Star of David, or the Shield of David, is a Jewish civic symbol representing the Jewish Nation.

What is the Jewish star name?

it is called the star of David

What does the star on a Hanukkah manor mean?

I think you're saying "Hanukkah menorah" if so, there is no star on a menorah, except perhaps a Jewish star, which is just a style design. The Jewish star symbolizes the Jewish people, but it has nothing to do with Hanukkah.

On a Jewish casket where is the Star of David placed?

On a traditional Jewish coffin, nothing is placed on it. The Star of David may be carved into it, but this is not dictated by Jewish law.

What is a Jewish headliner?


When was The Jewish Star - Alberta - created?

The Jewish Star - Alberta - was created on 1980-08-22.

What is the difference in the pentagram and Jewish symbol?

A pentagram is a 5 pointed star; the Jewish symbol, better known as the Star of David, is a 6 pointed star.

What does the Jewish star symbolise?

What some people refer to as 'the Jewish star' is called 'Mogen David' in Hebrew which means 'David's Shield' in English. The star is often called the star of David. This is a non-religious symbol of the Nation of Israel (the Jewish people).

How does the star of david support Jewish faith?

The Star of David does not support the Jewish faith. It is only a symbol of national pride.

Do you have to be Jewish to wear a Star of David?


What is Star of Daivd positive?


What is the name of the Jewish symbol and what does it look like?

The Jewish symbol is a six-sided star called the Star of David, or the Magen David.

What does the writing in the Jewish star mean?

There is no standard writing inside a Jewish star. If you're referring to a painting or a sculpture, it could be anything.

What does the pink Jewish star mean?

Research star of david it will help!!

What did the Jewish community have to wear to be told apart?

the Jewish community had to wear a star.