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Stevens Arms made the Ranger shotgun for Sears & Roebuck. Production ended about 1930.

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Q: Who made the Ranger double barreled shotgun?
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Who made a Ranger side by side double barreled 20 gage shotgun Serial?

Ranger shotguns were made by the Stevens Savage company. These shotguns generally bring a price of $300 to $400 in good shape.

Who made the double barrel red chieftain shotgun?

The double barreled red chieftain of course!

Who made the 20 gauge double barreled shotgun with mac marked on the buttplate?


Who made a side by side double barreled dual trigger shotgun marked the killer?

@ 100 USD depending on condition.

About a 16 gauge double barreled shotgun made by eastern arms company?

Utility grade, functional, not much value.

What year was a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun made that has theses numbers on it 4041?

Impossible to answer without knowing ALL markings.

Who made a side by side double barreled shotgun marked the killer?

Numerous companies at the turn of the century made inexpensive firearms. No way to know if there are no other markings.

Who made the 16 gauge ranger 5000 double barrel shotgun?

Most likely Stevens they did make a model #5100

What is the age of a Winchester ranger shotgun serial number A8172?

100-175 dollars is the going rate for a winchester ranger shotgun.Your ranger shotgun was made from 1964-1981 if it was a model 1400 ranger shotgun.

Who made the Ranger 410 side by side shotgun?

I too have a Ranger .410 sxs hamerless shotgun. I believe it to be made by Stevens. Possibly a model 311.

What is the value on a 12 gauge ranger double barrel shotgun made in 1915?

100-10000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition.

Who is the manufacturer of Ranger 101.6 5100 16 gauge double barrel side by side shotgun?

Stevens made for Sears Roebuck

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