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Who made the Ranger model 103 shotgun?

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103.-- on a Sears Roebuck gun indicates manufacture by Marlin. I don't find a 103.7, but 103.72 and 103.74 are listed as Marlin Model 59.

Brophy in his book, Marlin Firearms, a history of the guns and the Company that made them, published in 1989 by Stackpole Books, lists the Sears Ranger 103-7 as a 16 ga. Marlin Model 90 O/U shotgun.

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Who made the Ranger model 103-5 over and under shotgun serial number R6105?

Marlin made them for Sears.

Who makes Ranger model 103 over and under shotgun?

Take it to a gunsmith for proper identification. Marlin made a Ranger model 103 over and under. Sears Ranger 103 O/U was the Marlin Model 90 O/U. Sears sold them under the Ranger name prior to WWII and as the JC Higgins after WWII.

Who made Ranger over and under shotguns?

Marlin. The Ranger 103-1 O/U shotgun was Sears' name for the Marlin Model 90. Sears used the Ranger name prior to WWII and JC Higgins after WWII. The Ranger 103-xx and the Marlin model 90 were introduced in 1937.

Where can you find information about a Ranger 20 gauge over under model 103-5363 shotgun?

AnswerThe model is Ranger 20 gauge over under model 103-12 and is stamped 5363 Ranger 103-5363 o/u was made by Marlin and is the same gun as the Marlin Model 90. Prior to WWII Sears used the Ranger name. After WWII they used the JC Higgins name. Sears introduced the Ranger 103-XX O/U in 1937.

What is the value of a ranger over and under 12ga shotgun model 103 1?

50-150 USD or so Ranger 103-1 was made by Marlin and is the same gun as the Marlin Model 90. If you can get one for $150, I say buy it!. If the the gun is a shooter and in reasonable shape, should be worth at least $250.

When was a ranger 103-13 made?

The Ranger .22LR 103-13 that was sold through Sears was actually a Marlin model 81. It was made between 1937 and 1939.

Ranger model 103-8?

The Ranger model 103-8 is a Sears rifle that was made between 1936 and 1941. The gun generally has a horse or horse head etched or stamped on it.

Who made the Ranger 103 12 20 gauge over under shotgun? has a store brand chart. Ranger was a name that Sears branded on firearms made for them by other companies. Sears Ranger O/U shotguns were made by Marlin. When introduced in 1937 and prior to WWII Sears used the Ranger name and JC HIggins after the war. They were sold by Marlin as the Model 90. The 103 was used by Sears to designate guns made by Marlin with the number after a period or dash indicating the particular model.

Who made the Ranger Model 103-9 22 cal rifle?


How many 22 ranger model 103-8 was made?

No published data

Where can you find information on an Over and Under Ranger 103-1 shotgun?

Internet, gun shops, gun shows, want ads, library are places to start. There is about 8 pages on the Ranger 103/Marlin Model 90 O/U shgotgun in Brophy's book, Marlin Firearms, A History of the Guns and the Company that made them, 1989, Stackpole Books. Sears sold the Ranger 103 -1 which was made by Marlin. Sears used the Ranger name prior to WWII and JC Higgins after WWII

What is a ranger rifle 22 model 103-2 worth?

I am very versed in Winchester firearms,and I have never heard of the ranger model 103-2 before.I you sure that your 22cal rifle is a Winchester.

22 ranger model103-8 where can you get parts?

The Ranger model 103-8 cross references to be a marlin model 100. You can get parts for the rifle at Their website will have a cross reference chart and everything you need. You will have to cross to the Sears 103-8, because they were made under contract.

Where can you find information about a 22 S-L-LR Ranger Model 103-13 shotgun?

This is a Marlin model 81 wearing a Sears & Roebuck brand name. Can't locate production dates for this model, but somewhere around 1940. I have an Over & Under "Ranger 103, 12 guage Shotgun. I haven't been able to find it in any of the books. I thought that Marlin made it but it wasn't listed as that either. Do you know anything about it? Bernie - The 103.13 is a Marlin 81. Made in the 1960's. It is a rifle, not a shotgun. It should be a good 'plinker' or small varmint gun, but has no significant value. Probably around $80-$100 in Very Good condition.

Where do you get parts for a ranger 22 model 103-8?

Your Ranger was made by Marlin as their model 100. Try here for parts: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Age and manufacturer or Ranger shotgun?

The Ranger name was used by Sears Roebuck in the 1940's and 50's. I don't show your exact model number in my cross-reference lists, but 103.x was marked on their firearms made by Marlin. According to Brophy in his Book on Marlin Firearms, Sears used the Ranger name prior to WWII on the gun that Marlin sold as the Model 90 o/u shotgun starting in 1937. After WWII Sears used the JC Higgins name on the gun.

Who manufactured the Ranger model 103-13 22 cal rifle?

Marlin is about same as model 81

What is the worth of a ranger 22 model 103-2?

10-100 USD or so

What is the ranger 22 model 103-8 bolt action worth?


Who made sears bolt action rifle model 42-103?

Most of thses were made by Marlin under there Model 80 series

What is the value of the ranger 22 SLR Model 103-8?

0-100 USD or so

How old is a Ranger 22 S L LR Model 103 13?

No published sn data

When was the marlin ranger 22 S-L-LR Model 103-9 made?

It was made for sears for only one year which is 1939 trust me I know I own one

Who made the sears model 42 -103-2840 22 caliber rifle?

Its probably a marlin model 80,some were also made by winchester.

Who made ranger over under 16 Ga model 103-11 serial 7135?

I don't know but I'm looking for the answer too. I have serieal R 9799. Brophy in his book Marlin firearms (1989 by Stackpole Books) lists the Ranger 103-11 as a 16 ga. Marlin Model 90 O/U. After WWII Sears sold the model 90 under the JC HIggins trade name.