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the presendent

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Q: Who made the laws in the south Carolina colony?
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When was South Carolina made a colony?

The South Carolina Colony, or Province of South Carolina, was originally part of the Province of Carolina, which was chartered in 1663.

Which English colony was made into 2 colonies?

Carolina was divided into North and South Carolina.

What was South Carolina's economic characteristics of the colony?

they made space ships

What kind of clothing did South Carolina have when it was a colony?

Hand made clothing

When was the colony North Carolina made?

Colonists from Virginia settled in "Carolina" beginning in 1653. This colony was granted a royal charter in16631663.However, differences between the parts of the colony later led to its division. This was made official with the granting of two separate charters to "North" and "South" Carolina in 1729. (Part of South Carolina was subsequently split off to form Georgia in 1732)

Is South Carolina in North Carolina?

It once was, before the colony was divided in 1712. This was made official when the two areas were recognized as separate Crown Colonies in 1729.

Does a trial court in south Carolina have to follow any ruling made by the supreme court of north Carolina?

No, its a different state, governed by different laws.

Who made the laws in the Connecticut colony?

the but crack

Why was North Carolina and South Carolina made?

the reason they made the Carolina's is because of economic oppertonities.

What year was North Carolina made a royal colony?


What colony made slavery illegal but eventually allowed it?


Where is the best MMA gym in South Carolina?

Easley South Carolina Where champions are made

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