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The real person is Dan Strzempka in the movie Morgan Freeman

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Q: Who made winter the dolphins tail?
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What is winter the dolphins tail made out of?

silk as the cover

Who made winter the dolphins prosthetic tail?

hanger prosthetics

How many dolphins have survived without a tail?

1. Winter the dolphin is the only sea animal known to survive without a tail. But winter has a prosthetic tail, if that still counts to you. So only one out the 200,000 other sea mammals survived without a tail. I don't know about you, but I believe winter is a true miracle.

What is the dolphins tail called?

a tail

Do dolphins have tails?

Yes. Most dolphins can't survive without a tail because they need a tail to swim, they would most likely drown without a tail, but that doesn't mean it's completely hopeless. If Winter the dolphin can survive without a tail, another dolphin can survive too, as long as they put their fighting spirit to use for survival

What are the dolphins body parts called the tail...?

at the end of the dolphins "tail" is called a fluke

Both dolphins and sharks have a tail and fins how can you determine if dolphins and sharks are closely related?

dolphins and sharks are both made of cartalige........dolphins are different because theyre snouts are longer!

Does a dolphin swims with its tail?

yes dolphins swim with a tail

How do pink dolphins move?

pink dolphins move with their flippers and tail

Do pink dolphins have a tail?


Do dolphins have feet?

Dolphins Do not have feet they only have tail flukes. These flukes are located towards the end of their peduncle muscle (aka tail)

How are pink dolphins and ocean dolphins a like?

they both have a horn and a 5ft. tail.

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