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Who makes diet ginger ale?

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what is the expiration date on Canada Diet Ginger Ale

Yes ginger ale is better than diet coke for you

No, because diet Ginger Ale loses all the sodium and carbohydrates that the normal Ginger Ale contains which helps the stomach. And maybe even belch LOL

Ginger ale is called ginger ale because the ingredients are always mixed with ginger or ginger flavoring.

Grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, etc. will have Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

Ginger ale is made from ginger!

the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer is ginger ale contains less ginger in ginger beer because its acidic drink, and ginger ale comes in crates rather than the ginger beer which can be sold in pubs (glasses)

Ginger ale is slightly acidic.

Yes ginger ale is yellow

Yes ginger ale is brown

There are brands of Ginger Ale that are kosher.

Ginger ale is actually made from the ginger root.

Ginger ale is called Ginger ale because most mixtures (if not all) are mxed with Ginger flavor. The Bundaberg company uses real pieces of Ginger to flavor their product, as do many other companies.

yes dogs can drink ginger ale. In fact ginger ale is really healthy for dogs

Ginger Ale does indeed have a diuretic property.

Ginger ale is a carbonated drink.

Commercially-produced ginger ale is not. Home-made ginger ale from organic ingredients and pure water is.

Pure ginger ale is very good for you as ginger has a variety of helpful properties.

Ginger Ale Afternoon was created in 1989.

You can use ginger ale to brine turkey. You can combine the ginger ale with cold water when you brine the turkey.

where i can buy Canada dry in Germany

The Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

All ginger ale is caffeine free...So Hannaford brand ginger ale is caffeine free.. =]

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