Who makes the Franchi Shotguns?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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They are manufactured by Luigi Franchi in there own factory in Brescia,Italy since 1868.

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Q: Who makes the Franchi Shotguns?
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What country are franchi shotguns made in?


Who builds franchi shotguns?

Beretta owns the company.

Where online can you find the age of your Franchi Shotguns?

No known source

What shotguns are good for sporting and field use?

Browning, Beretta, Franchi, Winchester, Ruger, Remington

How can you find the ages of your Franchi Shotguns by serial number?

Hello ho knows the year of construction of my Franchi model Astor two whit te sr number 5902 12gauge side by side and the valeu of this moment?

What is the birth name of John Franchi?

John Franchi's birth name is John robert Franchi.

What is the birth name of Paolo Franchi?

Paolo Franchi's birth name is Paolo Franchi Gandolfi.

Who makes browning shotguns?

Browning Arms

Is franchi Italian?

Franchi is an Italian firearms company.

Who makes WM Morse shotguns?

I was informed that' some Morsel shotguns were made by Navy Arms Co.

When was Antonio Franchi born?

Antonio Franchi was born in 1638.

When did Antonio Franchi die?

Antonio Franchi died in 1709.