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It's a Stevens Model 520A.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-05 18:23:51
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Q: Who makes the Ranger model 30 pump shotguns?
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What is the value of Browning Ranger 12 gauge pump shotgun model U 20525?

Thes guns are not Brownings, but just built on his patent. Typically Ranger pump shotguns sell between $150 and $300

Who makes coast to coast stores master-mag 410 pump shotguns model cc660?

I believe Mossberg made the Coast to Coast branded shotguns. I know they did while we owned our store.

Who makes a 20 gauge model 30 ranger?

Your gun is a Stevens Model 520. Made for Sears, and marked with the Sears trademark of Ranger. Nice pump shotgun, originally designed by John Browning.

What Winchester 410 shotguns were made in japan?

The winchester model 42 was a .410 pump very like the old model 12 pump

How Old Are Marlin Pump Action 12Guage Shot Guns?

The Marlin firearms company produced pump action shotguns from 1898(the Marlin model 1898)all the way up to 1985(The model 120 Magnum shotgun).during that time span Marlin made 17 different model pump action shotguns.

When were the Remington model 10 and 10a pump shotguns made?

Try this link from Remington.

Is the Winchester ranger model 120 20 gauge pump a rare gun?


What is make and model of a ranger pump 22 cal rifle ser 139147 k with thumb screw on left side of rec?

There are a lot of Sears Ranger rifles - what is the Ranger model number?

What year or years were savage model 30T 12 gauge pump shotguns manufactured?

1958 - 1970 I was told

What is the value of a Stevens Full 12 gauge pump model 14582?

That is not a model number, but is likely the serial number. Unless you have a Model 620 US marked Trench Gun, Stevens pump shotguns have little collectors value.

Who made a ranger model 30 16 gauge pump?

im almost certain its remmington Stevens Model 520

Where was the Winchester model 1200 made?

Winchester made these pump action shotguns in there New Haven Conn.plant from 1964-1981.

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