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Fender makes the Stratocaster and Telecaster. There are many companies that base their Guitars off of Strat- and Tele- designs, but Fender made the first Telecaster (then known as the Broadcaster) in 1950, and the first Stratocaster in 1954.

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The "Fender" company makes Telecaster, and Stratocaster.

No because the Telecaster neck does not fit the neck pocket of a Stratocaster

fender stratocaster fender telecaster (hes really into fender's) fender stratocaster fender telecaster (hes really into fender's)

They're two of the most famous models of electric guitar... both made by Fender.

I hope I'm right, but the main difference is the Fender Stratocaster has three pick-ups with the traditional slanted third pick-up, and the Telecaster has two. They might has slight variances in tone due to the extra pick-up. Generally speaking, a Telecaster will have a sharper, crisper sound than a Stratocaster.

Fender makes the Stratocaster.

It has the Fender name on it and the model Stratocaster, Telecaster etc.

Well, There's the: Stratocaster Telecaster Jazzmaster Jaguar Mustang Esquire So, 6. :)

Stratocaster, Telecaster...or Precision bass would be my guess. Short answer, all of them are all over the place.

I have a lovely pillar box red 1992 US Telecaster and have been offered £1100 for it.

Fender bought out Stratocaster and branches off from the name such as Starcaster, telecaster, etc. The Standard and the fender are the same thing only 1 says fender.

Because guitars, like houses, are worth more the more they age, this guitar will be vintage now, and will be worth more if it is a Stratocaster than a Telecaster (the strats were always more popular). I'd say, Stratocaster, somewhere between £850 - £5000 depending on the condition of the guitar, and a telecaster, £650 - 3000. Hope you found this useful (:

The most famous brands or guitars are probably the fender stratocaster, fender telecaster, Les paul, Epiphone, Ibanez and Gibson

Fender dates back to 1946, their first guitar: the broadcaster was released in 1950 followed by the Esquire, the Telecaster and in 1954 the Stratocaster.

Gretsch Country Gentleman, Rickenbacker 12-string, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, and many others.

stratocaster (jimi Hendrix made famous) telecaster jaguar percision bass theres much more but those are off the top of my head

The most popular electric guitars are extremely expensive. They include brands such as Gibson Les Paul, Martin, Fender Stratocaster, and the Fender Telecaster.

fender made two new lines of six string lead guitars stratocaster telecaster as of the bass guitars i only know of two also percision bass jazz bass fender made two new lines of six string lead guitars stratocaster telecaster as of the bass guitars i only know of two also percision bass jazz bass

A Fender Stratocaster electric guitar makes use of a standard configuration of a three single coil pickups as well as a tremolo bar, although a lot of numerous combinations are in available. It is a highly-adaptable instrument which could play all sorts of music from heavy metal to country music. A Fender telecaster electric guitar, on the other hand,has a simple design using a single cutaway with two single coil pickups, but has no tremolo bar which produces a thin sound. The Telecaster electric guitar is highly with country music although it has become very in demand with indie and alternative rock musicians.

there is no such thing. strats are made by fender<----This answer is incorrect. Epiphone made a Stratocaster and Telecaster model in the late 1990's and i have dated them up to 2001 from their Samick plant in Korea. As of May 4,2011 there is at least 2 if not 3 of these listed on eBay now. So yes they were made and do exist thought they do not make them anymore.

Tom Morello plays a .Telecaster .Les Paul .Stratocaster .Ibanez Acoustic and erm check out this web address if i missed any

The Fender Stratocaster is a very famous one, most notably played by Eric Clapton, George Harrison (also played a Telecaster), John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.

Fender Telecaster was created in 1950.

The Telecaster guitar is made by Fender. It is normally known as a 'fender tele'. Fender also make the well known 'stratiocaster' guitar, coloquially known as the 'fender strat'

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