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Fender Catastrater makes the best bass Guitars.

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How do you string an Epiphone bass guitar?

When one purchases an Epiphone bass guitar, it should have the necessary strings. If the guitar needs new strings, it is best to have a professional replace the strings or follow the manual received when the guitar was purchased.

What is the best bass guitar for a metal band?

Fernandez makes good bass guitars to play metal music.

How much strings in bass guitar?

4 usually, although one can get 5 and 6 string basses. However, it's best to play a four-string first.

How does the bass guitar create its sound?

Like for the guitar. The resonnance of a string is amplified by the resonnance hole in the body (acoustic guitar) or by the microphones (electric guitar). The bass guitar is a guitar. The main difference is the Bass guitar is lower (one octave) than a guitar.

Where can one purchase a fretless bass guitar?

A great website to purchase a bass guitar of any type is Sweetwater. The site includes 4,5,6 string guitars, fretless, acoustic, and left handed basses. If you prefer an in-store purchase then Guitar Center is the best place to find the right guitar.

From where can one purchase a 5 string bass guitar?

If you want to go to a brick and mortar store to try it out first, your best bet is to find a Guitar Center store in your area. On line, you may be able to find bass guitars at Amazon.

What is the thickest string on the bass guitar?

an ordinary bass guitar has 4 strings,the thickest being the E string,the thickness of this string depends on the players prefrence,if youll be downtuning a lot then a heavier string is the best option to help stop strings buzzing too much,it all depends on the style you play and personal prefrence,i use medium gauge strings so the E string is 0.105 inches thick,but depending on the gauge of the strings you buy it will be diffrent If you play a 5 string bass the thickest string will be the B string,again the medium gauge thickenss of these strings is 0.125 inches.as for 7 string basses and above im not sure since ive never had the chance to play them e string or if you have a 5 string bass it will be a b string

Witch 1 is better a bass guitar or a guitar?

A bass guitar is better for riffs and bass lines. but the guitar is better for solos and chords. Most people would agree that normal guitars are the best.

Can an electric guitar be played as a bass?

with very thick strings like 13-56 (drop tuning strings) it comes close but theres such thing as a 6 string bass. But, get a baritone guitar for the best results as most guitars you'd have to file down the nut on the neck to make the strings fit and play proper. a baritone electric guitar is a longer necked electric guitar that is designed for bass tunings.

What is the third best guitar?

The Gaytar 1. Bass 2. Guitar 3. Gaytar

Where can one purchase a bass guitar combo amp?

There are many places where one could purchase a bass guitar combo amp. The best places where one could purchase a bass guitar combo amp would be places like Amazon and Best Buy.

Who is the best bass guitar player ever?

The "best" bass guitar player is an opinion, as different players have different styles, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Two of the best electric bass players ever are Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten.

Who makes the best Les Paul guitar?

Gibson makes the best Les Paul guitar by far.

What type of guitar is best?

steel string by miles >:D

What is the best way to learn how to play a 12 string acoustic electric guitar?

The best and easiest way to learn 12 string acoustic or electric guitar is to practice and practice. It does also help if the person can read music and already knows how to play a six string guitar to some extent.

How do you figure out if new pickups will fit in your Bass Guitar?

it doesn't hurt to measure but if you REALLY want to know like say an EMG active into your bass best bet is to google some forums. as long as its say a 4 string soap bar or P bass pickup for another you should be fine as far as i know as with 6 string guitars its just normal or F spaced.

Where can one find a bass guitar for sale?

One can buy a bass guitar for sale at Best Buy. Best Buy is a store that specializes in electronics. They provide one a huge variety of instruments to choose from as well.

What gauge guitar strings are best for heavy metal?

Guitar string gauge is a personal preference. However, for heavy metal you will most likely want to use a lighter string.

Best bass guitar?

if you are abeginner and have a budget, a good bass guitar is the epiphone thunder bird which can go for around 300 dollars. if you are an intermediate to advanced, a good bass would be a fender jazz bass or precision bass which have a price range of 500 to 2500 dollars. Preference my favorite bass guitar tough is the Rickenbacker 4003 fireglo which go for about 2500-3000 dollars maybe more

Who are The Beatles in 1960?

John Lennon(Guitar) George Harrison (Guitar) Paul McCartney (Guitar) Stuart Sutcliffe (Bass) Pete Best (Drums)

Can a guitar amp be used for a bass and will there be any issues?

I can't think of any issues other than the regular guitar amp may not have the size of speakers to give the best bass sound. ------ Guitar amps are made to output guitar frequencies. Bass amps are made to output bass frequencies. If you interchange the two, you will not do damage but at some point the amp will cut out. I believe it was Tony Iommi who used to play guitar through a bass amp to get some really nice bass distortion on his guitar. ------ I believe that after too much use, the low frequencies of a bass may damage the guitar amp. I'd say it's alright to use it with a guitar amp, but try to keep it in moderation.

Do you need a 4 string bass for being a beginner?

It's best to start with a 4 string. The fifth string is more for the advanced player. You can learn on a 5 string but the strings are closer together therefore harder to play and you'll find you won't use the b string all that much if at all. If you've been given a 5 string bass, you can still use it but I wouldn't suggest buying one as a first bass.

What is the best bass for heavy metal?

bongo 4 series bass guitar Jason jay James uses it from bullet for my valentine

where can i get beginner bass guitar lessons online?

The best way to learn the bass guitar easily is to teach yourself. You can find instructions on the website for E How. You can also go to your local music store.

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