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Who makes the laws of the US?

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The presdent and the congress

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Who makes the US laws?

The Congress of the United States makes the laws as perscribed in the US Constitution.

Who makes criminal laws?

In the US - at the state level it is the state legislature that makes the laws. At the federal level it is the US Congress.

Which part of the government makes the laws?

It is the Legislative Branch that makes the laws of the US government.

Who do the government make the laws for?

the Government makes the laws for us

Who makes laws in the us?


Who makes the laws that US citizens are expected to obey?

All Laws

Who makes the country laws?

In the US, the legislature (House and Senate) make laws.

What is the branch of US government that makes laws to raise taxes?

The legislative branch makes laws. The executive branch enforces laws. The judicial branch determines if laws are Constitutional.

What branch of the US government makes laws?

The Legislative branch has the power to make laws.

Who makes up laws in the US?

Congress is the one to make Laws in the United States

Obeying laws is a responsibility of everyone in the US How does this support the US Constitution?

The Constitution establishes the U.S. government, which makes laws.

Who makes laws for the US?

the legislative branch of government, congress

What is the primary responsibility of the US department of justice?

makes laws.

What group makes our country's laws?

Congress (the US Senate and the US House of Representatives)

What branch of the US government makes decisions concerning the constitutionality of US laws?

In the United States the US Supreme Court decides if laws meet the requirements of the US Constitution.

Who makes laws at the national level for the country?

It depends upon the country. In the US it is the US Congress. In many countries it is Parliament, or some other legislative body. In a dictatorship, the leader makes the laws.

Who makes the laws about voter registration?

Your state legislature, or the US Congress.

Who makes up the laws of the US?

the 23 committee in the house of representatives

What is the name of the person who heads the US government?

There is no such person. The US government is composed of Congress, which makes laws and budgets money, the Supreme Court which makes sure that Congresses laws are constitutional, the the Executive which enforces the the laws. The head of the Executive Branch is the President.

Why is the Canadian charter so important?

Because it makes laws for us and keeps us safe

Who decides what the laws say and if the laws agree with the US Constitution?

the judicial branch overviews all laws and makes sure that they are all constitutional

Who makes up the fereral laws in the US?

the big black man in the allie

Use legislative in a sentence?

The legislative branch of the US government makes laws.

In the US which branch of government makes all national laws?

the legislative branch

Who makes laws in China?

who makes the laws in china

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