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Savage Arms is the manufacturer of Springfield Shotguns.

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Q: Who manufactured springfield model 67 series d?
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What is the value of a Springfield model 67 series d 12 gauge?


How do you determine the year of your springfield model 67 series d?

By the serial number.

How much is your springfield model 67 series b 410 shotgun worth?

The value of a Springfield model 67 series B 410 shot gun depends on its condition. This model in excellent condition is valued between 220.00 and 280.00 as of 2014.

What is the value of springfield model 67 series E 410 pump shotgun?

50-150 USD

How much is a springfield model 67 series C 12 gauge worth?

In good to excellent condition about 300.00

How old is springfield model 67 series d pump shotgun?

Made between the years 1986-1989.

What is the age and value of a Springfield model 67?

hi,i have a Springfield 16 ga pump,model 67 series B.In good condition its worth around $225 I have a 67 F 20 guage that had the original purchase tag when I bought it later on and it was originally bought new in the mid 60's. I have a Springfield Savage 410 pump and it's worth about $200.00.

What is the age of a Springfield Model 67 E?

My first shotgun was a springfield Model 67 around 1973-74. I dont know about the "E" but mine was a 20 gu shotgun

Price on a Springfield model 67 series b 12 gauge?

Price for fire arms Springfield model C 12 gauge shot gun?

Where can you get a Springfield model 67 f shotgun stock?


How do you find the schematic for a springfield model 67 series e 410?

You might try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.If they have parts,then they may have a schematic for the firearm in question.

How old is a Winchester Model 67?

The 67/67A was not serialized. 383,000 were manufactured between 1934 and 1963.

How old is your shot gun springfield mod 67h ser no a146074?

The Springfield/Stevens model 67 shotgun dated from 1986-1989.

What years Did Savage manufacture the Springfield model 67d?

Savage began producing the Springfield Model 67 in the 1950s. It was a pump action budget grade shotgun that ceased production in 1989.

What is the value of a Springfield 12 Gauge shotgun Model 67 F manufactured about 1940?

I own a Vietnam issue 67F with a heatsheild and military 12'' stock. It was $90.00 broken. If you have any info on disassembly tell me.

What is the value of an old Springfield Model 67 20 gauge?


How do you disassemble a springfield model 67 A 12 gauge shotgun?

Best to ask a gunsmith for help.

Where can you find parts for a springfield model 67 series C shotgun and what is the age of this gun?

The Springfield 67 was made by Savage Arms from the late 1960's through the 1980's. If your gun has no serial number it was made prior to 1968. We have parts for this firearm, and can do any type of repair if needed. According to Gun Trader's Guide, the Springfield name was discontinued in 1948.

What years were Smith and Wesson model 14-3 manufactured?


What does the H stand for on the Springfield Model 67H pump 12 Ga?

The Springfield Model 67 H 12 Ga is a 12 gauge, 3 inch chamber piston. The H on the gun model, stands for handgun.?æ

Barrel length of a Spirngfield Model 67 D shotgun?

The barrel on my 67 series D is 28 in.

Where can you find a schematic and or parts list for a 12 gauge Savage Springfield Model 67 pump?

Where can you get parts for your Stevens model 67 series e 410 shotgun?

Buy parts for 410 Stevens model 67 pump shot gun.

How much should you charge for a savage Stevens model 67 series e?

have a Stevens model 67 series e 12 gauge 2 3/4 3 in shells what is the value please

Where can you find a plug for a model 67 series c springfield 12 gauge pump shotgun?

First try where they have the best selection of gun parts in the country. Try and eBay if that doesn't succeed