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The Ted Williams Model 34 .22 caliber auto-loading rifle was manufactured by High Standard. Identification numbers include 583.3400; 583.3401; 583.3402; and 583.3403. There may be additional ID's, but these are the ones I have found. D. Phillpott

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Q: Who manufactured the Sears Ted Williams model 34 semiautomatic 22 caliber rifle?
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Who made a 22 caliber rifle marked ranger 101-18 short-long-long rifle semiautomatic?

Sears- jc Higgins

Who manufactured the sears model 3 T semiautomatic 22 cal rifle?

Winchester model 190

What company manufactured the Ted Williams model 1200 shotgun?

The Sears Ted Williams 200 is a Winchester 1200.

Did Winchester make ted Williams T3 22 cal gun for sears?

Yes they did. The Sears Ted Williams Model T3 was the exact same .22 caliber rifle as the Winchester Model 190.

How can you find the manufacturer and parts for a 22 caliber Sears Model 42DL-10319801 bolt action rifle?

The Sears Model 42DL .22 caliber rifle was manufactured by Marlin Firearms, their Model 80. Check with Marlin for parts availability.

Who manufactured the Ted Williams Model 200 Shotgun sold through Sears and Roebuck around 1969?

The Ted Williams 200 shotgun was manufactured by Winchester and was the same gun as their Model 1200.

What years was the Sears Roebuck Model 42 DL - JC Higgins 22 caliber rifle manufactured?

1958 to 1961

Is a Sears Ted Williams model 34 Semiautomatic 22cal a Rim fire or a Center fire Rifle?

Rim fire, just like every other .22lr put out there.

What line of paint is weatherbeater compare to from sherwin Williams?

Weatherbeater was a line of paint manufactured for Sears by Sherwin-Williams. It does not cross over to any Sherwin-Williams line.

Who manufactured the sears ted Williams model 53 .cal 270 rifle?

winchester, variation of a model 70

Who manufactured the Sears Ted Williams Model 75 20 gauge shotgun?

Marlin High Standard made the Model 75 20 ga semi-auto shotgun for Sears

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Ted Williams pellet pistol?

Only value would be as a shooter. Under $50 probably.

.22 caliber ted Williams manual?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads, Sears memoribilia collectors.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Model 3T 2732390 semi automatic with a Ted Williams 4X scope?

25-140 usd

Ted Williams Mod 53 Sears Mod 273.1390 in 30.06 caliber sn 21569 Where can you find the value and date of manufacture? has a store brand chart.

How do you age a model 34 Ted Williams Sears Roebuck and Co 22Rifle?

Sears Ranger model 34 is a .22 caliber single-shot bolt action rifle manufactured by Marlin (see model 65) for Sears for about $18-22 during the late 1940's and early 1950's. Current value would be condition rated from $40-$115. The Ted Williams naem was not used until the early 1960's and the model 34 of that era was made by High Stadnard and was a semi auto.

Who manufactured Sears hot water?

Sears and Kenmore

What is the age of a Ranger 36 22 S L LR Sears Roebuck Co?

The model 36 .22 caliber rifle was manufactured by Marlin. It was the same rifle as the extremely popular Model 80 by Marlin.

Who made a sears model 300 shotgun 12ga automatic?

The Sears M300 (also sold under the label Ted Williams) was manufactured by Winchester. The M300 is almost identical to the Winchester model 1400 shotgun (with minor cosmetic differences).

Who manufactured Sears 30-30 lever action rifle?

The Sears 30/30 lever action was manufactured by Winchester Western.

Who manufactured Sears 30 30 lever action rifle?


What is value of 22 caliber Sears and Roebuck Model 340530430 lever action rifle?

Wat is the value of 22 caliber sears and roebuck model 340530430 lever action rifle

Sears and Roebuck Ted Williams Model 282 12 Ga single shot Shotgun Serial 442713 was manufactured when and what's the value in excellent condition?

Whats a sears Roebuck 12gauge single shot serial number 626384 and model number 282 worth

Laurona shot guns by Ted Williams?

Ted Williams was the store brand name used by Sears. Laurona made the shotgun for Sears and stamped it Ted Williams for the.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Model 3T 273.2390 semi-automatic with a Ted Williams 4X scope?

There is one for sale in the local paper (Little Rock, Ar.) for $100, without a scope.

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