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Who manufactures the new Premier over-under shotguns for Remington?


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Sabatti of Italy


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Barretta Actually the Remington Premier STS Competition is made by Sabatti of the Gardone Val Trompia Region of Italy. A comprehensive and complete test and review of this shotgun may be found in the August 2009 issue of Shotgun Sports. The Review is by the editor in chief of the Magazine Johnny Cantu.

The 870 is a pump action shotgun. The 1100 and the 11-87 are the two standard Remington semi-auto shotguns. In 2008 Remington introduced an 870 with Pheasant and Duck engraving and a semi-fancy claro walnut stock. This was a premier dealer gun.

The gun would have to say 742F on it somewhere to be the premier model

Not by serial, check Remington Society of America here:

116 were engraved in Belgium for Remington's international branch and sold overseas not in the U.S.

Panavise, which manufactures a camera mount, is a company which continues to improve their product by talking to their customers. They offer a versatile line of mounts and are considered to be a premier supplier.

Accuracy International Accuracy International is the manufacturer of an excellent series of sniper rifles.Armalite Armalite is the gun manufacturer who put the AR into AR-15. Armalite manufactures the AR-10, AR-15, and AR-50 rifles.Barrett Barrett is the manufacturer of several excellent .50 caliber rifles.Beretta Beretta is the manufacturer of the M9 pistol used by the US Army. Also makes Cx4 Storm carbine and some excellent centerfire hand-guns. Oldest gun maker in the world.Benelli Benelli is the manufacturer of the amazing M-4 semi-automatic shotgun.Browning Trade name used by the FN Herstal company of BelgiumCheyenne Tactical Cheyenne Tactical is the premier manufacturer of rifles for the 408 Cheyenne Tactical cartridge.Colt Colt is the manufacturer of the Colt Match Target (i.e. the AR-15) and the original line of 1911-style hand-guns.Dakota Arms Dakota Arms manufactures the Longbow Tactical Rifle.Desert Toys Desert Toys is a gun manufacturer which specializes in large caliber rifles, like the Rebel .50 BMG.Ferret50 Ferret50 is the manufacturer of a 50BMG rifle conversion for the AR-15.FN HerstalBelgian manufacturer of all types of small arms. Most notable for Browning pistols and shotguns as well as machine guns such as M249 Gatling Guns is the manufacturer of a conversion kit to turn Ruger 10-22's in gatling guns.Glock Glock is an Austrian gun manufacturer of an excellent series of hand-guns.Heckler & Koch Heckler & Koch (H&K) is a German gun manufacturer of the excellent USP and Mark-23 lines of centerfire hand-guns, the FABARM shotguns, and the HKM4 and XM8 centerfire carbines.Kimber Kimber manufactures a high-quality line of 1911 style hand-guns.Les Baer Customs Les Baer manufactures custom 1911 pistols and AR-15 rifles.Magnum Research Magnum Research manufactures the Desert Eagle and Baby Eagle pistols.Mossberg Mossberg is the manufacturer of the excellent 590 and Mariner pump shotguns.Nor-Cal Precision Norcal Precision specializes in highly accurate, durable, and precisely made Remington 700-based rifle systems by premiere rifle builder Jerry Rice.Para-Ordnance Para-Ordnance is the manufacturer of an excellent line of 1911 style hand-guns.Remington Remington is a the manufacturer of the 870 and 1100 shotguns and the 700 series rifle.Robinson Armament Robarm manufactures the excellent M96 and XCR Modular Weapon Systems.Ruger Ruger manufactures a variety of centerfire and rimfire handguns and rifles including the Mini-14, the 10-22, Mark series of pistols and many others.Sako Sako is a Finnish gun manufacturer of highly accurate rifles, including the TRG-22 and TRG-42 sniper rifles.Savage Arms Savage manufactures rimfire and centerfire rifles.Serbu Firearms Serbu manufactures the BFG-50, the Super-Shorty, and the Siris silenced guns.SIG Arms SIG (Schweize Industrie Gesellschaft) manufactures excellent centerfire hand-guns.Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson is the manufacturer of a wide variety of service pistols which are the favorites of many police departments.Springfield Armory Springfield Armory is the manufacturer of an excellent line of rifles based upon the M1A. Springfield Armory also manufactures the M6 Scout survival rifle. In addition, Springfield Armory manufactures a line of 1911-A1 pistols and a new line of high-tech pistols called the XD.Steyr Steyr manufactures the excellent Steyr SSG sniper rifle and the incredible Steyr AUG assault bull-pup carbine.Tactical Operations Tactical Operations manufactures very nice custom sniper rifles.Taurus Taurus manufactures the Millenium series of hand-guns.Walther Walther manufactures the P99 and PPK hand-guns.Weatherby Weatherby is the manufacturer of a line of excellent large-caliber rifles, including the Treat Response Rifle.Wilson Combat Wilson combat manufactures customer 1911 pistols, custom 12ga shotguns based upon the Remington 870, and custom AR-15 rifles.Winchester Winchester is the manufacturer of the Model 1300 and Super X2 shotguns.Z-M Weapons Z-M Weapons is the manufacturer of the LR-300 weapon system.Stag Arms Makers of truly left-handed AR-15 rifles.For a directory of other gun manufacturers and distributors, visit The Professional Gun Retailers Association

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According to my reference,s Remington firearms made the model 58ADL sportsman shotgun from 1956-1963,they also produced the model 58 X-series,the model 58BDL,58SA-skeet gun,58SC,58D tournament,58F premier shotgun but not a model 5800.

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