Who martyred Saint Bartholomew?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Tradition holds that he was flayed alive at Albanopolis, Armenia.

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Q: Who martyred Saint Bartholomew?
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When was Saint Bartholomew the Younger born?

Saint Bartholomew the Younger was born in 981.

When did Saint Bartholomew the Younger die?

Saint Bartholomew the Younger died in 1055.

Where were Saint Peter and Saint Paul martyred?

Both Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome.

When was Anne of Saint Bartholomew born?

Anne of Saint Bartholomew was born on 1550-10-01.

When did Anne of Saint Bartholomew die?

Anne of Saint Bartholomew died on 1626-06-07.

When was Saint Bartholomew born?

Saint Bartholomew was born in the 1st century AD. Bartholomew was an apostle of Jesus Christ, and was present at the time of the Ascension.

Where did Saint Bartholomew die?

Bartholomew was flayed to death in Armenia.

What actually did Saint George martyr?

George was martyred. He martyred no one.

Was Saint Sebastian martyred for his beliefs?

Yes, he was martyred for being a Christian.

Was Saint Christopher martyred?

Yes, Christopher was martyred about the year 251.

When did Saint Bartholomew die?

There are a number of saints named Bartholomew. You need to be more specific. However, if you are referring to Saint Bartholomew the Apostle, he was flayed alive at Albanopolis, Armenia.

Where did Saint Agnes die?

Saint Agnes was martyred in Rome.