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Q: Who of Richard Wagner's family play instruments?
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What instruments did Richard Strauss play?

piano Violin

What instruments did Richard Wagner play?

The "Wagner" tuba.

What instruments did Richard Nixon play?

Richard Nixon played piano and accordion.

What musical instruments did Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein play?

Oscar Hammerstein did not play any musical instruments, but Richard Rogers played the piano. Richard Rogers was also a very good trumpet player.

What type of family does a trumpet belong to?

If you mean what family of instruments, it's in the brass family. It is in the family of 'wind' instruments. I play one myself! Great instrument!

What two musical instruments did Richard Nixon play?

He played the piano and the accordian.

What family is the piccolo from?

The piccolo is from the woodwind family. The woodwind family is the group of instruments that you play by blowing through them.

What instruments did little Richard play?

Little Richard (real name Richard Wayne Penniman) played the piano, keyboards and the saxiphone, as well as singing.

Who inspired Justin Bieber to play on instruments?

His family's church group.

Instruments Mozart's family played?

His father play Violin and Mozart play Violin and Piano.

What is it called when you play two string instruments?

When you play 2 instruments together, it is always called a duet, no matter what instrument family they are from. Hope that helped! :)

Why are the instruments called the woodwind family?

because they need wind to make them play.

What instruments does macklemore play?

What instruments does maklemore play

Does Chris Brown play instruments?

== == no he has not play any instruments

Why does the double bass belong to the string family?

it has strings, its made of wood, and the way you play it is similar to the other instruments in the string family.

What instruments does Carrie Underwood play?

She doesn't play any instruments

What instruments do JLS play?

They don't collectively play any instruments.

How many instruments play in a quintet?

Five instruments play in a quintet.

What instruments did Johann Strauss play?

In miniseries "Strauss Family", Johann played violin as well as piano

Did any Franks play instruments?

did anne frank play any instruments

What kind of instruments do they use in classical period?

The recorder is not used now because the flute can do more. New instruments include the clarinet, the flute, the piano and timpani. The string family are still the main family which play the melody.

How many instruments did Louis Armstrong play?

he play 2 instruments the cornet and trumpet

What instruments does Boney James play?

What instruments does Boney james play?

What are three ways to play a percussion instruments?

You can play percussion instruments with sticks, brushes, rods or play with your hands.

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Yes she can play instruments She has said and shown that she can play the Piano/Keyboard