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Who or what was Shogun from the early Asia?


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"Shogun" was the title held by a military Japanese ruler. The power of the Shogun was sometimes greater than the Emperor, and sometimes lesser, depending on the time in question.


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Shogun; samurai is a principled sword warrior, shogun is a faction leader.

The role of the shogun was to keep lead the military.

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the shogun conquered the emperor and gained rule on japan

The word "Shogun" is an archaic term meaning "the Emperor of Japan."

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The term shogun was given to Japan's top military commanders. The shogun was supposed to the emperor, but in reality, the shogun and emperor ruled on the same level.

The role of the shogun was to take of a province and protect the emporer.

they made decisions on army movements and decisions. A shogun is a higher then general position.

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THEY WERE BROTHERS AND THE SHOGUN WAS OLDER:) :( people these days the real answer is that the shogun went to war against the emperor and gained more power by victory of the battle. that's why the emperor had less power on japan than the shogun.

A shogunate is the government of the shogun. The shogun was a Japanese hereditary military dictator from 1192 to 1867.

It was the favorite sport of the last shogun who surrendered power to the emperor in 1868.

Shogun assumed power or rule in Japan after being selected by the emperor

Shogun - 1968 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

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