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"Shogun" was the title held by a military Japanese ruler. The power of the Shogun was sometimes greater than the Emperor, and sometimes lesser, depending on the time in question.

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Q: Who or what was Shogun from the early Asia?
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What is a shogun in japan?

The shogun ruled Japan.

Who is higher samurai or shogun?

Shogun; samurai is a principled sword warrior, shogun is a faction leader.

Who did the shoguns serve?

The term shogun was given to Japan's top military commanders. The shogun was supposed to the emperor, but in reality, the shogun and emperor ruled on the same level.

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How did the daimyos weaken the shogun in Japan's history?

The daimyo help weaken the shogun by fighting to break free the shogun's control.

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The role of the shogun was to keep lead the military.

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