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Who owns Yacht Piano Bar?

Answer . I believe it is the Yellowstone Club World.. Answer . Tim Blixseth founder of the Yellowstone Club.. Blixseth or at least his Yellowstone Club also owns another large yacht : the 147 ft Tooth Fairy, ex-Rusalka.

What yacht does Barbara Streisand own?

MV Mystique 9000hp. jet engines 162ft. 4in. WRONG : The yacht ' mustique' is owned by new yorker Herb Gallen. head of Ellen Tracy Sportswear for women . The yacht was built in Austrialia by Oceanfast.

Who owns the yacht Twitter?

Look at a page for the top largest yachts at:. http://yachtwarranty.net. there is a large yacht named "twizzle" named after the owners daughter's nickname.

Who owns the yacht Kismet?

Spotted this beautiful motoryacht a few weeks ago in the Caribbean. Research has revealed that she's a 223 ft yacht, built at Lürssen, Germany.. Her owner had another yacht before this one that was also named Kismet, built in 1992 it was a 130 ft Feadship, ex-Gallant Lady, now renamed "Never Eno ( Full Answer )

Who owns the yacht Princess Mariana?

Princess Mariana belongs to Mexican communications IUSACELL owner Carlos Peralta Quitnero. His wife is Mariana Tort Princess Mariana belongs to Mexican communications IUSACELL owner Carlos Peralta Quitnero. His wife is Mariana Tort a cheesey Mexican ! The yacht is sold to the son of Ukran ( Full Answer )

Who owns a yacht named A?

According to Power & Motoryacht magazine in the August 2008issue , the owner of 'A' is 36 year old Andrei Melnichenko , aRussian banking and energy billionaire. Mafia.

Who owns the yacht serenity?

I believe it is Tiger Woods Yes, confirmed Tiger Woods. The yacht is usually docked at a slip in North palm Beach, Florida.

Who owns the yacht Sweet Pea?

Bobby G Stevenson - one of the founders of the systems integrator CIBER INC. Bobby was one of the founders. One was killed in an auto accident, he was the brains of the firm. The other was bought out for pennies early on. Bobby G is a firm negioatior but has not had a happy personal life. Many ( Full Answer )

Who owns the yacht Lady Joy?

Socialite Denise Rich. Her ex-husband who is a tax dodger living in the Swiss Alps still funds her toys. She and elegant friends like Star Jones hang together. Classy !

Who owns the yacht sea quest?

Richard DeVos is the owner of the newly launched 164' Wesport . His old 130' Wesport is now named ' Freedom' . The Devos family made their money through the pyamid company , AMWAY . They also own the big Perini-Navi sailboat named 'Indepedence' and the Feadship ' Enterprise IV' .

Who owns the yacht Mystique?

New Yorker Herb Gallen of Ellen Tracy clothing company just sold this yacht to another American who keeps the same name.

Who owns the yacht the one?

32. THE ONE • L: 233'0"; Y: 1973 Since launch this yacht has been known as Carinthia VI , owned by Heidi Horton. But we learned in mid-July that she sold the yacht to an as-yet-unidentified person. Interesting choice for a yacht name; we hope the positive vibe of the name also means that the ( Full Answer )

Who owns the yacht Patti Lou?

Alan Guerrieri and his wife Patti. Past president of his family's business, Showell Farms, Alan Guerrieri guided the poultry processing business to great success; ultimately it was sold to Perdue Incorporated.

Who owns the yacht named The One?

The owner of the yacht The One is Lurssen Werft. Lurssen createdThe One yacht with interior designer John Bannenburg.

Who owns the yacht cracker bay?

The ship was moored in Turks and Caicos on July 9, 2009 at the Nikki Beach Marina. Boat owner was supposedly Paul Allen from Microsoft, but can't be verified. The yacht is owned by the Morse family who started "The Villages" in Florida.

Who owns the yacht let it be?

it depends which let it be yacht. heesen? there have been tow of them.. the larger one (47 m) is owned by a Russian oilman. the smaller (37m) used to be owned by the same Russian oilman, who then, having built a larger one, sold it to a Turkish guy specializing in chemicals or food production (somet ( Full Answer )

Who owns yacht zamani?

yacht Zamani is owned by Chris and Anouk Edwards living in Knysna South Africa. They sailed her from Knysna to Cape Twon, St Helena, The Azores, Dakar to Gibraltar and on through the Med and she is now based in Kusedasi , Turkey. Chris and Anouk spend approx 5 months a year sailing in the Med Who is ( Full Answer )

Who owns yacht Athena?

Jim Clark, the owner of this three-masted schooner, is a keen sailor, also owns Hyperion and was a founder of Netscape and Silicon Graphics. Athena was the world's largest private sailing yacht until the launch of Eos in 2006.

Who owns the yacht katya?

Best answer available that I can find so far is from a news article stating: . "Katya's Owners , an American family from the Midwest"

Who owns the yacht Sequel P?

I was thinking it was owned by Global- the same people who run the Constellation.

Who owns the yacht dona lola?

I believe its the owners of Dona Lola Inc. Its a luxury hotel or hotel chain in Spain.

Who owns music man yacht?

There were six yachts called "Music Man". My uncle (who passed away in 2008 in an assisted living facility in Florida) had all of them custom build. He owned them one at a time, and they were "Music Man", "Music Man II", Music Man III", ect... Was there a roman numeral on the one the you know?

Who owns the yacht My Girl?

We saw this yacht in Key West this past New Years Eve. I believe this yacht is owned by the Hilton family. It was owned by the Yepes family and has since been sold.

Who owns yacht seament?

Joe Sipes, Owner/CEO of G.M. Sipes Construction, Inc. aheavy/highway construction firm base in Illinois. SchuylerProperties LLC, JM Sipes LLC, Mickey's Bar and Patio, InterstateRecycle Corporation, Marly's Pub, LLC also involve Joe Sipes.

Who owns the Tamer II yacht?

My guess is the dutch Prince Willem-Alexander or his wife Princess Maxima, since he was in curacao for the "new country" status of curacao on october 10, 2010, and that the Tamer II was docked in downtown Willemstad, Curacao. I have never seen it here before in my many trips to the island. However, ( Full Answer )

Who owns the yacht bacarella?

The owners of Trinity bought it back from the customers that built it. Bacarella is currently for charter in Spain.

Did Norman wisdom own a yacht?

Yes - it was called MV Conquest, and was based in Port Vauban, Antibes, during the late 1970s, when I was a member of its crew. Captain was Fred Lammas, his girlfriend cooked, 4 other crew including a chief engineer. Norman never used it himself, but had income from chartering it.

Who owns the yacht Blue Guitar?

James Benenson and Lawrence Small are the owners of the 103' Camper and Nicholsons Destiny class motor yacht.

Who owns the yacht named Reward?

Owner: John Zigarlic, founder of Nuna Logistics. The builder of the ice roads used in the TV series of THE ICE ROAD TRUCKERS, plus heavy construction in northern Canada (diamond mines etc.).

Who ownes the largest yacht on the planet?

The world's largest motor luxury yacht at 180m (590 ft) iscurrently the German-built Azzam ("Resolute"), and isowned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Who owns the yacht idol?

The Superyacht Idol was created in 2007 and is the design of Sam Sorgiovanni. The Superyacht Idol was recently sold by Edmiston & Company to an unidentified buyer. It is no longer available to be used for charter.

Who owns Limitless Yacht?

Limitless is owned by Lesley Wexner owner of the Limited Retail Stores, The Limited Stores,Victoria's Secret from Columbus ,Ohio

How do you build your own land yacht?

You will need: 1 plastic container 3 skewers 8 paddle pop sticks 4 wheels 1 texter (any colour) 1 piece of A4 paper 1 electric fan What to do: 1) Place a hole in the middle of the container. 2) Put a skewer in the middle of the hole and sticky tape it down so it cannot mo ( Full Answer )

Who owns the yacht splendour?

The owner of the yacht Splendour is Ron Nelson. For more information, please refer to the related link.

Who owns the yacht Hope?

The motor yacht Hope, which was formerly the Lady Diane, is currently for sale. This 30.8 meter (101.05 feet) ship was recently refitted after being lengthened and having all her machinery replaced. For the right price, you could be the owner of record. The name of the current owner isn't readily ( Full Answer )

Who owns the sailing yacht 'Adele'?

On 7 May 1943 , HMAS Adele went aground at Port Kembla and subsequently became protected under the New South Wales heritage Act of 1977. Her wreck is currently positioned at 34.4678 degrees South and 150.9170 degrees East. However(!) There is a 108-ft ketch-rigged "Adele", launched in 2005 tha ( Full Answer )

Who owns motor yacht serene?

Mr Yuri Shefler - Co-owner of SPI Group which includes the Stolichnya Vodka brand among others within its portfolio.

Who owns the yacht katara?

No clue. However it pulled into a port just north of Bridgetown Barbados this afternoon.

Who owns yacht called rena?

Retired finanical consultant Jason Pilalas & his wife Rena.They are residents of North Palm Beach with homes in Pasadena, CA,and Hawaii. They also own the Morgan Pointe Lighthouse in Noanck,CT. Jason named the boat after the love of his life, Rena, hiswife.

Who owns the yacht lucky me?

There are too many yachts with this name to list here. The yachtclub to which this yacht belongs, or the marina where it is mooredwill list the name of its owner.

Who owns yacht Amaryllis?

Richard DeVos He is an American businessman, co-founder of Amway along with Jay Van Andel, and owner of the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team. Alyssa GK

Who owns the yacht fortunato?

The Yacht Fortunato is owned by Frank Fertitta III. He also own Station Casinos of Las Vegas & The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Who owns the yacht 99 problems?

I have no idea but I just saw it down in the florida keys and thought it was awesome. Saw 3 white guys taking pictures on it and a european flag flying so it's probably from somewhere over there.

Who owns mega yacht Kismet?

Mega Yacht "KISMET" is now owned by two owners multi-millionar Brandon Mortan and his wife Susan Mortan. Brandon Mortan owns the Con-Way companys based out of Missauri and his wife owns and is also the C.E.O. of the largest chain of dental offices in the U.S. "Benco Dental"

Who owns the yacht named Air?

Its owned by International Yacht Register (IYR), and can be chartered for about a 1 million dollars (US) per week.