Yachts are light, fast sailing watercrafts made from wood, ferrocement, carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass. They usually range from 27 ft to 100 ft and are commonly used for leisure cruising.

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Who owns the yacht C2?

American billionaire Ronald O. Perelman


Who owns the yacht octopussy?

Paul Allen

No! Paul Allen owns Octopus. Not at all the same thing! Octopussy is 143' Heesen owned by the Behr family in Palm Beach.


Who owns the MV Luxury Yacht Galaxy?

Possibly owned by U2 or their manager Paul McInness. May be listed under their company name. It's built in Italy and registered in the Isle of Man.

Is it just a coincidence that The Galaxy is currently in Melbourne while U2 are touring and then departing about the same time the band is leaving Australia? Is is coincidence that it's berthed at New Quay which is a short stroll from U2's Melbourne venue Etihad Stadium? Is it coincidence that the vessel hosted a function last night after U2's concert.

I had got to know about this from Med waves Charters which I have booked for my yacht trip to Mediterian. & Thanks them for sharing this information


Who is the owner of the Timoneer yacht?

I don't know, but is in Puerto Montt Chile at this moment. If someone knows who is the owner please write back soon.


Who owns diamond a yacht?

Roman Abramovich


Who owns the yacht Steel registered in Georgetown?

Saw steel in Falmouth yesterday (21st August 2010) and asked the same question

Found the following links - interestingly the only reference is in the first two where they talk about "the owner"


Who owns the yacht themis?

Ronald Motley


Who owns the yacht Valkyrie?

johnny depp, depending on which valkyrie your talking about

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How is the location of the America's Cup Race determined?

Sorry, I'm no expert, but basically the team that wins the cup represents a country, and that country is the host for the next race series. Switzerland won it from New Zealand last time, and since Switzerland has no coastal water, they chose to race in Valencia, Spain for 2007 but they have choosen Ras al-Khairmah in UAE for the 2010 event. When we (the USA) had the cup for those 134 years or whatever it was, we had it off NY, I believe, since the NYYC was the club that had won it the first time. Many of the people involved, however, were from San Diego, and so when Dennis Conner lost it to Australia and then won it back, he brought the cup back not to NY but to SD. That's where he lost it again, to NZ, and it's been gone ever since. NZ had it in Auckland, because that's the "City of Sails" due to the harbor practically made for it... in other words, the NZ people decided that's where they wanted to have it.

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What is an open yacht?

A yacht with an open cockpit.


What is the heavy weight at the bottom of a yacht called?



Who owns the yacht eminence?

Apparently it is Russian owned. It was in San Antonio, Ibiza this week.

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You leave the Miami port in your new yacht to travel to san Juan Puerto Rico. What direction should your compass be indicating?

The answer is south east. To go FROM San Juan TO Miami, it would be northwest.



Who owns the yacht serenity?

I believe it is Tiger Woods

Yes, confirmed Tiger Woods. The yacht is usually docked at a slip in North palm Beach, Florida.


Who owns the burger yacht lady gayle Marie?

Gayle and Tom Benson - Tom also owns the New Orleans Saints


Who owns the yacht lady m?

Lord Michael Ashcroft who also owns Nikki Beach Resort and Marina in the Turks and Caicos.

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Can a fiberglass motor-yacht safely cross oceans and if so what minimum size should it be?

People have rowed across the Atlantic in boats as short as 14 feet. It would be a subjective verdict as to whether or not that was "safe". People have sailed solo around the world in 21 foot sailboats. Safe? I don't know. Possible, yes. People have also been lost on small lakes in much larger craft. As for a fiberglass motor-yacht, size alone will not make it safe. The hull design, the amount of freeboard, the size of windows, the tendency to take on water...all such things have a bearing. One of the most important considerations: how big is the fuel tank? motor yachts usually don't have much sail to fall back on, and rowing is not practical even for small motor-yachts. The boat needs to be big enough to carry sufficient fuel plus reserve. Other considerations: The skill level of skipper and crew. The reliability of the engine(s). The ability of someone aboard to fix the engine in case of breakdown. The season and section of ocean. Personally, I would want twin engines, a hull designed for heavy weather -- preferably self righting, small windows, lots of freeboard, and the Coast Guard visible in my wake. I would also need a destination other than just the desire to spend day after day on the open sea. I much prefer the scenery along the shore. Regardless of the size and configuration, if you're not sure it's safe, it isn't. Even if you are sure, it might not be. I would never attempt it without a lot of open water and heavy weather experience.


Who owns the motor yacht Callisto?

There are many vessels with that name.

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What does TT mean when it appears on a dinghy?

TT is short for "Tender To". so if a yacht named Rosmarie has a dinghy tender, the dinghy could be named "TT Rosmarie" .

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What are the dates for the America's Cup Race in Valencia Spain?

The preliminaries to determine the challenger for the 2007 America's Cup are going on now, but the final America's Cup race series won't begin until June 23, 2007.

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Who owns the Yacht After Eight?

This fine vessel is owned by Mr. Don Wheaton. Cmdr. A. Reye Ret. USN 8/1/2011

AnswerThe actually belongs to the Ross family who live in Nanaimo BC, i know this because i went to school with the son and have been on it. AnswerDon Wheaton of Edmonton Alberta own the After Eight. After having eight children the owner bought the first 118 foot After Eight. This boat was sold sometime this year by Seymour Yatcht sales in Vancouver.

The Wheaton's took delivery of the brand new 151 foot After Eigth just last week. The first trip was to Saltspring Island. They also made it to Atlanta in it.

AnswerI have heard the yacht After Eight is owned by Jimmy Pattison as a sometime charter boat.

There is definitely a new After Eight, possibly the third. The original had a dark green hull possibly refitted with a white hull. About 118'.

This new one is about 150' and was in Ganges on the weekend. Very striking profile with two upper decks. Was docked on the side Ganges government seaplane dock. Came in on late Saturday and left Monday morning.

Today was told Oprah was on just on Salt Spring on Jimmy Pattison's yacht but the Nova Spirit (his yacht) was not here recently.

Nova Spirit is a frequent Ganges guest and I know here well.

Other press reports say Oprah is now on a Jimmy Pattison yacht up the North coast.

Posted August 15th. 2007

AnswerPossibly Pattison helps charter out the After Eight for the Wheatons. Herd he was a partner in her.

The old After Eight was also a frequent guest to Ganges. Sometimes 2 x a week in the summer, suggests chartering.



This Yacht was seen in the dry docks of Victoria BC getting a buff on its underbelly in Mid February. Suggesting that it has a local dock in Victoria.

It is definitely the Wheatons boat and no Jim Pattison is not a partner (the Wheatons are my godparents). It is owned by the father (Don Sr.) who is retired and hence why it is always out.


Who owns the yacht Unbridled?

Bill Wrigley


Who owns Princess Sarah Yacht?

a german couple


Who owns the super yacht known as the Census?

Jack Setton

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