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Who owns sucker punch productions?

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That one guy, with the idea, who did that thing, shared it with his friends.... You know.

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Who invented sly cooper?

Sucker Punch Productions

How can you email Sucker punch productions?

"" is the email.

Is sucker punch making sly 4?

Appareantly, One of the sucker punch productions employees said that sly cooper 4 is now in the works

Where can you get sly cooper action figures?

you can get one at the sucker punch productions website

Who invented sly cooper is it chris cooper?

Sly cooper is a video game, the Game was made Sucker Punch Productions.

What was the Production Budget for Sucker Punch?

The Production Budget for Sucker Punch was $75,000,000.

Will there be a sly cooper 4 video game?

Yes, the creators at Sucker Punch Productions are planning on adding a 4th installment to the series for the PS3

Who dies in sucker punch?

Rocket, Amber, and Blondie dies in the movie Sucker Punch.

What is the duration of Sucker Punch film?

The duration of Sucker Punch - film - is 1.83 hours.

What are the release dates for Blood Sucker Punch - 2010 Blood Sucker Punch 1-1?

Blood Sucker Punch - 2010 Blood Sucker Punch 1-1 was released on: USA: 9 April 2011 (internet)

What is the movie Sucker Punch rated?

Sucker Punch has not yet been rated. Not true, pg13.

When was Sucker Punch - album - created?

Sucker Punch - album - was created in 2001.

How much money did Sucker Punch gross worldwide?

Sucker Punch grossed $89,758,389 worldwide.

How much money did Sucker Punch gross domestically?

Sucker Punch grossed $36,392,502 in the domestic market.

Which movies have the word punch in the title?

Sucker punch

Is sucker punch for kids?

No , "Sucker Punch" has an "R" rating for sexual content, some violence and bad language .

When was Sucker Punch - film - created?

Sucker Punch - film - was created on 2011-03-25.

When was Sucker Punch - soundtrack - created?

Sucker Punch - soundtrack - was created on 2011-03-22.

When does honchkrow learn sucker punch?

You will need to teach Murkrow Sucker Punch at level 55, then evolve it using a Dusk Stone. Honchkrow cannot learn Sucker Punch through leveling up.

What is a soccer punch?

A sucker punch is when you punch someone who is unprepared and unaware that it's coming.

Who owns type a films aka type a productions?

Reese Witherspoon owns TYPE A PRODUCTIONS

What is a sucker punch in Mafia Wars?

It's a very small hit on the person that you sucker punch. They're also informed when you do this, hf.

What does cold cocked mean?

a sucker punch

Who created sly Cooper?

Sucker Punch

Who is making Sly 4?

sucker punch