Who owns the Trafford center?

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The Trafford Centre is owned by a company named "Peel Holdings"

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Trafford Center is located in Dumplington, Greater Manchester in England. It is called as indoor shopping center and leisure complex. The Trafford Center is located close to the Trafford park industrial estate as well.

there are 100 shops in the trafford centre

there are 198 shops in the trafford centre

old trafford is the home stadium for the Manchester United

ADRESS FOR SOCIETY boulders clembing center

Sadly, no. The nearest one to the trafford centre is in manchesters city center

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No,but the nearest one is the trafford center.

Yes, it's in the Orient section

there were 300 acres of space free for building construction

tje trafford center is made from marble

Yes that sell Liverpool football stuff

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it might be the trafford but the westfield in London is the 1st largest

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The population of Trafford is 00.

Old Trafford is situated around 2.5 miles from the centre of the city

Go there for yourself and see, it's now a pretty desolate place.

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