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who owns publishing rights of the turtles happy together

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Q: Who owns the publishing rights to Happy Together by The Turtles?
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When was Happy Together - The Turtles album - created?

Happy Together - The Turtles album - was created on 1967-04-29.

Who sang the song happy together?

The Turtles.

What year did The Turtles release Happy Together?

In 1967

Who originally sang So Happy Together?

The Turtles

What are the instruments used to play Happy Together by the turtles?

piano and guitar

Who performed the song 'Happy Together'?

The band called The Turtles sang the song "Happy Together" in 1967. The Turtles used to be an American rock Band led by Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, also know as Flo and Eddie. The band had several Top 40 hits including "Happy Together" which was their biggest hit.

What song has the lyrics i cant see you loving nobody but you?

Happy Together by The Turtles

What song did Homer and Marger Simpson first kiss to?

The Turtles - Happy Together.

Who sang Happy Together the theme song for the 1980's sitcome called Live In?

not sure about the sitcom, but Happy Together was a number one smash hit by the Turtles in 1967

How many number one hits did the turtles have?

Only one: "Happy Together" in March, 1967

Can mud turtles to live alone and be happy?

Mud turtles can live alone and together, but if having snapping turtles they prefer to live alone as the might be more aggressive to each other. However mud turtles prefer to live alone, but are happy with others, if alone they might need some more attention, and more things to do in it's home. When they are together less attention is needed but watch out as they may not approve of each other and be aggressive!

Who is actually singing the song happy together in the twix advertisement?

I believe the original was by 'The Turtles' but the guy singing in the advert is Peter Grant

What Beatles song held the 1 spot for one week?

"Penny Lane", before it was knocked out of the top spot by "Happy Together" by The Turtles.

How do you keep your water turtles happy?

Sing happy and you know it to it

How do you tell a turtles feelings?

You can not tell a turtles feelings. They may be happy and you do not even know.

Why was Hartford founded?

Hartford Was Founded By JK NOOBS CAPS FTW So Anyways It Was Founded By Skrillex And His Battle Song Was Happy Together By:The Turtles LOL

What are the Turtles Songs?

Turtle Soup Wooden Head The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands Happy Together You Baby It Ain't Me Babe Out of Control (as The Crossfires)

What was the song called that played in the simpsons movie when he saw the pig?

It actually is Happy together by the turtles. Hope this helped, and please recommend WoodWorkingMaster

What was the song called when marge and Homer kiss in season 15 episode 20?

; Happy Together, Turtles, 1967 : [FABF13] Plays during young Marge's and Homer's kissing fantasies

Was the beatles 'penny lane' number 1?

It was kept out of the #1 spot in England by Engelbert Humperdinck's "Release Me". It went to #1 in the US for a week, but was displaced a week later by the Turtles, with "Happy Together".

What is a turtles covering?

in a shell hope this make you die and your mom happy

What is the song in the absinthe club scene in the movie Get Him to the Greek when everything is in slow motion?

It's a french version of "Happy Together" by The Turtles. It's made by Frank Alamo and the song is called "Heureux Tous les Deux".

When was So Happy Together created?

So Happy Together was created in 1991.

What other color can the turtles be on happy aquarium?

you get a different colored baby sea turtles, at the moment i only got rainbow sea turtles from mating them. but i saw some say's that there are more variety of colors.

What is the opening song of freaky Friday?

SO happy together SO happy together