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Who owns the publishing rights to Happy Together by The Turtles?


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who owns publishing rights of the turtles happy together


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Happy Together - The Turtles album - was created on 1967-04-29.

The band called The Turtles sang the song "Happy Together" in 1967. The Turtles used to be an American rock Band led by Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, also know as Flo and Eddie. The band had several Top 40 hits including "Happy Together" which was their biggest hit.

Only one: "Happy Together" in March, 1967

Turtle Soup Wooden Head The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands Happy Together You Baby It Ain't Me Babe Out of Control (as The Crossfires)

not sure about the sitcom, but Happy Together was a number one smash hit by the Turtles in 1967

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I believe the original was by 'The Turtles' but the guy singing in the advert is Peter Grant

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"Penny Lane", before it was knocked out of the top spot by "Happy Together" by The Turtles.

It actually is Happy together by the turtles. Hope this helped, and please recommend WoodWorkingMaster

Hartford Was Founded By JK NOOBS CAPS FTW So Anyways It Was Founded By Skrillex And His Battle Song Was Happy Together By:The Turtles LOL

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; Happy Together, Turtles, 1967 : [FABF13] Plays during young Marge's and Homer's kissing fantasies

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The duration of So Happy Together - film - is 1.27 hours.

Happy Together - song - was created in 1967-02.

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