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Anyone know about this yacht???

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How do you put harbor in a sentence?

The boats sailed into the harbor.

Who sailed into the New York harbor and into Hudson river?

It was Henry Hudson who sailed into the NY harbor and into the Hudson River.

What is the verb in the sentence the ship sailed smoothly into the harbor?

The verb in the sentence "the ship sailed smoothly into the harbour" is sailed.Similar verbs, depending on the tense, are sail, sails and sailing.

What happened in NewYork in1524?

Verrazano sailed into NY harbor. He was the first European to see it.

Who sailed around africa in 1498?

Vasco da Gama sailed around Africa in 1498

What ship did Henry Hudson sail to New York harbor?

The ship that Henry Hudson sailed to New York harbor was called: Half Moon.

Who sailed into New York harbor and the Hudson river?

Giovanni de Verazzano and then Henry Hudson.

Who sailed around the tip of south America?

vasco da gama sailed from Portugal to India by going around the cape of good hope in south America - he sailed for the french

Spanish explorer whose crew sailed around the world?

Ferdinand Magellan's crew sailed around the world. After Magellan was killed in a battle in the Philippines, the crew continued on. When Victoria, the one surviving ship, returned to the harbor of departure after completing the first circumnavigation of the Earth, only 18 men out of the original 237 men were on board.

Who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope?

In 1488 Vasco da Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. He was an explorer for Spain , born in Portugal he sailed from Lisbon to India.

Who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the Bahamas?

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed to North America he never actually landed in it. When his ship hit shore on October 12 he was actually in the Bahamas. What he discovered was the areas around the Canary Islands.

Who sailed all the way around Africa to india?

vasco da gama sailed all the way around africa to india :)

Who sailed around the southern tip of Africa?

Dias sailed to the southern tip of Africa in 1488.

Who did Anderson surrender to?

Nobody. He simply evacuated Fort Sumter and sailed home, leaving the Confederates to occupy this tiny island-fortress in Charleston harbour.

How did the plantation owners ship their crops to England?

They loaded it on a ship in Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, Mobile, or other port and sailed across the Atlantic.

What year did Henry Hudson sail into NY Harbor?

Henry Hudson sailed into what is now New York Harbour in 1609.

Why did Henry Hudson sail to new york city?

Henry Hudson sailed up new york harbor September 6,1609.

Why is Ellen MacArthur famous?

she had sailed around the world

Were did Ferdinand Magellan sail?

Magellan sailed around the world.

Which Spanish explorer sailed from Puerto Rico around the coast of Flordia?

Explorer Ponce de Leon sailed from Puerto Rico around the coast of Florida in the 1500s.

Which Spanish's explorer sailed from Puerto Rico around the cost of Florida?

Ponce de Leon is the explorer who sailed from Puerto Rico around the coast of Florida in the 1500s.

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