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The old Kane was played by the same Kane based on what i know, but in 2006 wen the imposter Kane was attacking the real Kane, the imposter was festus. in 1998 the same thing happened but that was undertaker.

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stone cold steveaustin

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Q: Who played as the old Kane in wrestling?
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Who is Kane to undertaker?

In the wrestling world, Kane is Undertaker's half brother.

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i am Adam wheeler and i am 8 years old and wrestling was first played in 1924

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What kind of father is Kane?

i heard his kid got lucemia and Kane did not do anything about it he gost kept wrestling

How many times has Kane from wrestling been married?

In real life Kane has been married twice

Where is Kane Kane?

Kane is currently Wrestling in the Smackdown brand of WWE. He defeated CM Punk in the recent pay per view Backlash 2009

You heard that the real Kane is isic yankum?

the guy who plays Kane also played the part of dr issiac yankum, the fake diesel. and in smoky mountain wrestling he was unabomb. i am sure i forgot other characters he played. his real name is glen Jacobs and he is a republican

When is world wrestling intertainment superstar Kane's birthday?

January 13

Is Kane and undetaker really brothers?

they are wrestling brothers but not real brothers