Who plays Gonthorian in Runescape gods exposed?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Gunthorian is played by Airfireball2. He is a level 61. but who knows how he wore that stuff :P

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Q: Who plays Gonthorian in Runescape gods exposed?
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Who played gonthorian saradomin and zamarak in the runescape gods exposed machinima?

War-God Zieg i know was one of them. Umm hi i know the person who plays Gonthorian his username is GonthorianPX

In RuneScape gods exposed did they call ghost rusters?

yes they did and god exposed is funny

When is runescape gods exposed 10 coming out?

Some day

How do you watch all the runescape gods exposed videos?

They are all on tehnoobshow's youtube channel.

Where can you find runescape gods exposed episode 11?

Youtube. If that doesn't work, contact them on their facebook page.

Is there going to be a runescape gods exposed episode 11?

no because half of the actors that were playin in the episodes quit

Who is guthix man?

Guthix is a created character by a company called Jagex ltd. The character is used as the God of Neutrallity in the online game Runescape. Tehnoobshow, a popular user who creates videos for Youtube, has used Guthix, along with Saradomin and Zamorak (the two other major gods from Runescape) and portrayed them as if they were normal people and is currently using them apart of the series Runescape Gods exposed. Guthix is famous for saying in video one of Runescape Gods exposed the quote "I am Guthix man, dun na na, na na, na na na na."

Who is god of varock on RuneScape?

There aren't gods of cities on RuneScape, instead gods of things like chaos, order, balance, war, etc.

Can you get protection from all the gods in runescape?


Where are the gods in rune

I assume you are talking about RuneScape? The gods are, Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak

Is RuneScape antitheistic?

No. Just because RuneScape has its own gods does not imply that RuneScape is anti- other gods. For one thing, it's a game. By adding gods to the game, a story can be built around their antics and items like godly weapons can be introduced as a plot and game device. They do not expect people or want people to worship the RS gods.

Is there a rune scape gods exposed 8 movie yet?

not yet