Who plays World of Warcraft?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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A better question is "who doesn't play World of Warcraft?"

between 9,000,000 and 10,000,000 people play world of warcraft

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Q: Who plays World of Warcraft?
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Why is World of Warcraft the best?

Because William Shatner plays

Is it possible to tell of someone is playing World of Warcraft?

Yes. You can tell if someone plays world of warcraft if you walk into a room and see them playing World of Warcraft. Or if they step out in the sunlight and catch on fire :)

What is Rick Riordan's World of Warcraft?

Currently, all that is known about Rick Riordan and his involvement in World of Warcraft is that he plays the game. He has not released the names of any of his characters or even what realm that he plays on.

How many people are currently subscribed to play World of Warcraft?

Assuming every single subscriber in World Of Warcraft plays which is ten million subscribers, then it is assumed that there are ten million people playing world of Warcraft.

Who has no life and plays World of Warcraft?

There is 1 person who has no life Im not sure what his name is but hes Russian and first level 85 in world of warcraft.

Can you play World of Warcraft on a netbook?

I have an acer one netbook and world of warcraft plays fine on it. even though the guy at PC world assured me netbooks had no chance of running it.

Why is mrflynn so frooty?

becuse, he plays world of warcraft at his moms house

Who is the worlds worst person to live with?

Anyone who plays World of Warcraft or similar games. or Kristina but kristinas the worst i rather marry a warcraft

Does Jens Pulver plays World of Warcraft?

Yes and he is one tough skilled warrior.

Does Lien Mya Nguyen play games WoW?

Yes, she plays a World of Warcraft

Wh is lol?

cause she is dirty and plays world of warcraft and doesn't shower :P

Who is mr wow?

Technically, any male that plays World of Warcraft can be called Mr. WoW.