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Who plays Yoda in Star Wars Episodes 1-3?

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Yoda is a puppet in episode one, and is computer-animated in episodes 2 and 3. He is voiced by Frank Oz, who has voiced him for all six movies.

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Who plays Yoda in Star Wars Episodes 1 3?

no one!

Who plays yoda of Star Wars?

Frank Oz .

Does skyler president play yoda in Star Wars episodes 1-3?

No, Frank Oz does the voice over for Yoda in those episodes

In what movie did Yoda feature and where did Yoda come from?

Yoda featured in episodes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 of the Star Wars Saga and he came from the Dagoba system.

Who plays the voice of yoda in Star Wars?

Frank Oz

Which Star Wars movies did obi wan and yoda star in?

Obi-wan and Yoda were in Episodes I-III. Obi-wan was also in Episodes IV-VI. However, Yoda was only in Episodes V-VI. Yoda dies in ep 6 and obi wan in ep 4

Is yoda from Star Wars?

Yes Yoda was a Jedi master in the star wars films.

Who plays the voice of yoda in the Star Wars movies?

The character of Yoda is voiced by legendary muppeteer Frank Oz.

What Star Wars Movie did yoda not appear?

Yoda did not appear in the original Star Wars, A New Hope.

What is yoda motto in Star Wars?

"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

Yoda who is?

Star Wars character

Which Episodes of Star Wars is Yoda in?

All three prequel trilogy and last two original trilogy.

Who was yoda in Star Wars?

no one was Yoda in star wars they used machinery and masks and computers for animation!by rashid

Is yoda a Star Wars character?

Yes Yoda is a star wars character. He appears in almost every feature film except Star wars IV.

What is the first Star Wars film in which Yoda is completely computer-generated?

In Star Wars I, II, and III; Yoda is computer animated In Star Wars V and VI, Yoda is a puppet He does not appear in Star War IV

How do you get yoda ghost on Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

you beat all of the episodes and you can then buy him for 1,100,000 studs.

Who provides the voice for Yoda in the Star Wars series?

Frank Oz provides the voice of yoda in the star wars series

Who was the actor for yoda in Star Wars?

Warwick Davis plays Yoda in costume and Frank Oz provides the voice and acts as Yoda's puppeteer .

Who plays yoda in Star Wars episode 3 Revenge of the Sith?

billy bob thornton

Who played Yoda from the Star Wars movies?

Yoda is a puppet in episodes 1, 5, & 6 and then he's a computer animation in 2 & 3, he is voiced by Frank Oz

Who is the Star Wars guru?


What is the cheat code for yoda in Lego Star Wars 3?

The cheat code in LEGO Star Wars III for Yoda is csqtmb.

Is yoda real?

No Yoda is not real he is a fictional character from star wars

Who played Yoda out of Star Wars?

Frank Oz was the puppeteer in Episodes I,V, and VI. He also was always his voice (in the films).

How do you play as Yoda in star wars the clone wars republic heroes?

You can't. Yoda is not a playable character.