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What actoractress played ET in the movie ET?

Answer . Frank oz. NO.. actualy it was Two dwarfs, Tamara De Treaux and Pat Bilon, as well as 12-year-old Matthew De Meritt, a boy born without legs, took turns wearing the costume, depending on what scene was being filmed. Caprice Roth, a professional mime, filled prosthetics to play E.T.'s ha ( Full Answer )

Who played the voice of ET In the movie Et?

The bulk of the audio for E.T.'s voice was performed by an elderly woman named Pat Welsh whose heavy smoking lead to her raspy voice. To collect additional sounds and effects for E.T.'s voice, sound crews recorded sixteen other sources ranging from director Steven Spielberg to raccoons and horses.

Who played the voice in field of dreams?

The voice was Kevin Costner. Of course when he whispers its hard to tell who it is.. no it was . Lee Garlington (The Voice): If you build it, he will come.

Who was the voice of ET?

Pat Welsh was the voice of E.T. (born Patricia A. Carroll ; February 11, 1915 - January 26, 1995) was an American film actress, known as the voice of E.T. in the 1982 film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial . Career

Does the actor that played ET have legs?

There were three actors who did the movements of E.T. (and one voice actor). Two of the movement-actors were little people, and one of them was a twelve-year-old who was missing his legs.

Who plays the voice of Bugs Bunny?

There have been several different voice actors for Bugs Bunny, but Mel Blanc was the first and probably most famous of them all. Jeff Bergman took over after Mel died. Billy West did Bugs' voice in the movie Space Jam , while Joe Alaskey did it in the movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action .

The actress of et or actor not voice?

Tamara De Treaux. She died in l99l and was obviously a midget of short stature. many of the ET scenes were done with remote control, as dummies or robots with moving eyes and lips were employed- as some readers have remarked- scenes requiring a walkig about ET used Ms. De Treaux.

Who plays deigos voice?

Jake T Austin is the child actor who voices Diego in go Diego go, he also plays Max Russo in wizards of Waverly place.

Who plays the voice of phines?

If you meant to type "Phineas" as in the cartoon show "Phineas and Ferb", he is voiced by Vincent Martella.

Who voiced et?

Pat Welsh. It is said that some animals helped create the voice. Pat said the famous lines, "Be Good".

What was the age of the person who played et?

he was 67. he was played by pat welsh which was born in 1915 and the movie was released in 1982 so you have to subtract 1815 to 1982 and you get 67 which makes et 67 years of age.

Who played Barney the dinosaur voice?

Barney was played by various people, including David Joyner, Bob West, Duncan Brennan, and Dean Wendt (current voice actor for Barney & Friends).

Who plays ET in the movie ET?

The part of E.T. in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial was played by...a puppet. Or more accurately, many different puppets. The voice was provided by Pat Welsh, with assistance from Steven Spielberg and Debra Winger. Winger is also an extra in the trick or treat scene - she is carrying a poodle.

Who plays fry's voice in futerama?

It is my understanding that voice-over artist Billy West provides the voice of Phillip J. Fry on the prime time animated series Futurama. It is also my understanding that Billy West provided the voices of Stimpton J. Cat (Stimpy) & Ren Hoark on the animated series Ren & Stimpy.

Who plays the voice of blues clues?

Traci Paige Johnson did the "voice" of Blue. Steve Burns (1996-2002) and Donovan Patton (2002-2006) were the human hosts. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue%27s_Clues

Who is the actress that played ET?

Tamara De Treaux is her stage name. Her real name is Tamara Detro. Her performance in the ET costume was uncredited.

Who plays the voice of Noddy?

The 'original' voice of noddy was Actress Denise bryer. most of her work was for BBC radio drama. married to actor Nicholas Parsons.

What actress played in ET?

Midget actress Tamara De Treau or similar name ( lilke De-Troy) played the aliln creature in special costumes. robots and dummies were also used- with remote controlled eye motions. In a more normal sense the then child actress Drew Barrymore- of the famous thesping family- played one of the child r ( Full Answer )

What actor or actoress played ET?

The costume was worn by three different people. Two little people, named Tamara De Treaux, and Pat Bilon; as well as a child who was born without legs, named Matthew De Meritt all wore the costume at some point in the film. Pat Welsh provided the voice for the character.

Who plays the voice of cream the rabbit?

A young girl Rebecca Anderson, But then she got replaced because of the damage she got her self into and got replaced with a younger girl on IMDB

Who plays the voices of the three chipettes?

Brittany-Christina Applegate---(the Pink chippette) Jennette-Anna Faris---(the smart chippette) Eleanor-Amy Poehler---(The Chubby Nice Chippette) Those are the actresses who play the chippettes!! !!

Who plays the voice of peppermint patty?

Peppermint Patty has had a variety of voice actors across the years : Gail DeFaria (1967-1968) Christopher DeFaria (1969-1973) Donna Forman Le Tourneau (1974) Linda Ercoli (1974) Stuart Brotman (1975-1977) Laura Planting (1977-1980) Patricia Patts (1979-1980) Brent Hauer (1980-1983) Victoria Varga ( Full Answer )

Who plays the voices on avatar?

Aang was Zach Tyler Eisen. Katara was Mae Whitman. Sokka was Jack DeSena. Toph was Jessie Flower. Appa and Momo were Dee Bradley Baker. Zuko was Dante Basco. Fire Lord Ozai was Mark Hamill. Hakoda was Andre Sogliuzzo. Uncle Iroh was Mako for the first 2 seasons and then Greg Baldwin for season 3. Su ( Full Answer )

Who plays the voices on Moshi Monsters?

It is unknown who voices them. In addition: Voices on Moshi Monsters could be played by Mind Candy staff. They could also be computer generated and not an actual person's voice.

Who was the voice for ET?

The voice actor behind ET was voice artist Patricia Welsh for the US-release. Sadly, she passed away in 1995.

Who plays the voice of Bambi?

Bobby Stewart as Baby Bambi Donnie Dunagan as Young Bambi Hardie Albright as Adolescent Bambi

Who plays the voices of the rugrats?

Tommy Pickles-E.G. Daily Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles- Tara Strong Charles Crandall "Chuckie" Finster, Jr. (III)- Christine Cavanaugh (1991-2001) , Nancy Cartwright (2002 to date) Kimi Watanabe-Finster- Dionne Quan Angelica C. Pickles- Cheryl Chase Philip "Phil" Devill ( Full Answer )

Who plays the voice of Neji?

Neji Hyuga , from the anime series Naruto , is voiced by Steve Staley and by Wendee Lee when Neji is younger .

Who plays the voice of sailor moon?

Tracey Moore, before Terri Hawkes became the more well established voice actor. But for the later half the voice actor changed again to Linda Ballantyne. In the Japanese it were Kotono Mitsuish, but she fell ill for a few episodes and were filled in by Kae Araki. Miyuu Sawai voice acted in Pretty ( Full Answer )

Who plays the voice of the violin in Anastasia?

First of all, Anastasia is not a Disney Film. There was no animated Violin in the Fox l997 ( Meg Ryan and John Cusack) Anastasia. There was another cartoon film by SONY- the mystery, or something , of Anastasia- where some of her family members were reincarnated as Musical Instruments- crazy as this ( Full Answer )

Who plays calliou voice?

at 1996-2000 caillous voice was played by Bryn McAuley.at 2000-2003 caillou was played by Jaclyn Linetsky.at 2006-2010 caillou was played by Annie Bovaird.

Who plays the voice of fern?

Zendaya Coleman (born September 1, 1996), better known as Zendaya , is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She currently stars on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up as Raquel "Rocky" Blue.

What actor plays the voice of SpongeBob?

tom kenny voices spongebob in the tv show spongebob squarepants he also plays gary and patchy the pirate he also plays the mayor in cartoon networks powerpuff girls

What play does et tu brute come from?

It comes from the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Those lines are spoken when Caesar is being murdered and he sees Marcus Brutus approaching him with a sword.

Who plays the voice of aruora?

In the Disney animated classic "Sleeping Beauty," Princess Aurora is voiced by Mary Costa. Fun trivia fact: in the movie "Enchanted," there is a character named Mary Ilene Caselotti. The "Mary" in her name refers to Mary Costa. The other two names refer to the voices of Cinderella and Snow White. :) ( Full Answer )

Who plays Freddy voice?

In Fred: The Show, Fred is voiced by Lucas Cruikshank. Nickelodeon uses a voice editing program to make it "girly".

Which actor play the voice of SpongeBob?

His name is Tom Kenny. He also plays many roles in the cartoon besides Spongebob himself, like the narrator. I know he is in numerous children's cartoons as well such as; "Adventure Time" and "Fish Hooks." He is soon to be played in the upcoming movie of "Dorothy of Oz." :)