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Q: Who protested the stamp act?
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How was the stamp act protested?

it wasnt, stupid

Who protested against the stamp act?

Benjamin Franklin

What was the effect Britain passed the stamp act?

The colonists protested

What did colonist do about the stamp act?

They burned stamp warehouses and quit newspapers.

Which act did the daughters of liberty protest?

The Daughters of Liberty protested the Townshend Act.

What did the colonists do to get rid of the stamp act?

They protested by having the Boston Tea Party

The colonists protested the stamp act because they believed in?

refusing to buy goods from Britain

Important people of the Stamp Act?

Some famous people in that protested the Stamp Act were: Samuel Adams - He helped start the Sons of Liberty Patrick Henry - He spoke out about the Stamp Act to the Virginia House of Burgesses

Did the colonist agree with the sugar act and the stamp act?

No, the colonists didn't agree with the Sugar Act and Stamp Act. The colonists protested because each act put taxes on stamps, sugar, molasses and more. Colonists thought it was unfair to them because the British were taxing them. They protested at the side of more acts and they eventually had the Revolutionary War.

Why did the colonists protested passage of the stamp act?

They believed that without representation in parliament, they should not be taxed.

Why was this act passed stamp act?

The stamp act was passed because King Charles lll needed money. The stamp act was like we do today we get are documents stamped or marriage license back then the king passed this act that you had to pay money to get the stamp. Soon many Lenape (who were left) and colonist protested so then the stamp act was repealed

What staged protests against the stamp act?

The Sons of Liberty protested the Stamp act. People, ramble-rousers like Samuel Adams disliked the idea and urged others to act as well.