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Who ruled England in 1840?


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Queen Victoria, who ruled until her death in 1900. CORRECTION: Queen Victoria died in 1901 NOT 1900.


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Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 - 1901.

Edward III ruled England in 1350. He ruled England from 1 February 1327 to 21 June 1377.

Elizabeth 1 ruled England from1558-1603

King George V ruled England in 1920.

There was no King of England in 1840. Victoria was the Queen ruler. Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in 1840. His title was not â??King.â??

it is queen Regant who ruled England in year 1

Not anymore. I don't know when they were ruled but England dosent have any power over Canada anymore. they were once ruled by England but im not sure when.

she is ruled by a queen she is ruled by a queen she is ruled by a queen she is ruled by a queen

England was ruled by Henry VII since 1485

Edward III was the King of England in 1348, and ruled over it as such in 1348.

Edward the confessor ruled England in 1066.

James I of England was succeeded by Charles I.

England is no longer ruled by the monarchy. Instead it is ruled by parliament with a prime minister at its head.

Oliver Cromwell ruled England when there was no king or queen from 1649-1660

Queen Victoria ruled England for most of Dickens's life.

King James I ruled England in 1603-1625 when Elizabeth I died.

Rowland Hill was responsible for the first postage stamps, issued in England in 1840.

William the III ruled with his wife Anne.

Scotland was ruled by James IV of Scots. England and Wales was ruled by Henry VII of England (note that Wales was officially administered by the King of England's eldest son).

Elizabeth ruled over England or 45 years from 1588 to 1543.

There was only one King Stephen who ruled England. He was king in the 11th century

monarch Victoria ruled England from 1837-1901 x x

In 1843, England was ruled by the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irreland, Queen Victoria.

Richard ii (21 June 1377 - 29 September 1399) ruled over England

in 1663 the carolina colony was it owned and ruled by the king of england

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