Who said love knows no boundaries?

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beres hammond
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If you are a 14-year-old girl and in love with a 20-year-old guy and he said he loved you how do you know if he is in love with you or if he just loves you as a friend?

i must say. i understand your concern. because i am 24, and i have feelings for a 14 year old girl. i hang out at her house, with her brothers, and mother. her dad hates me, b

You said love you and he said don't know?

maybe he is not ready for that situation yet. he may like you but he may just not feel what you feel yet but just give it time and it might come to you. yes
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How can you know if your ex still loves you if he said he does not?

As heartbreaking as it is if your ex tells you that he does not love you the possibility is he is telling the truth and you are going to have to accept that. Fate has a way of
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How do you know if your boyfriend loves you if he hasn't said it yet?

One way to know if your boyfriend loves you even if he hasn't saidit yet is to see what he does. Is he considerate and loving? Doeshe put you first? if he does those things, h