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Who said o say can you see?

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Who said '' O say can you see?

Francis Scott Key wrote "O say can you see..." But I really don't know who the originator is.

How do you fail an eye exam and get glasses?

If you see a D say O if you see a O say D if you see a V say U if you see a U say V thats about enough

What does como dice que dijo mean?

If there is an accent over the first 'o':'How do you(formal/does he/she say I said?'If there is no accent:'As you(formal)/he/she say(s) I said'

How d o you say oh no in spanish?

"Oh no" said in surprise would most closely be said "¡Ay no!"

How do you say stroller?

Stroller is said like Ss TR O ll ur

What does rolf mean?

it means Roll On Floor Laughing the question said it wrong it said r o l f its r o f l see ROFL not ROLF

How do you say i will see you there in spanish?

To say the words 'I will see you there' in Spanish you say 'Nos vemos allí". In the Italian language these words are said as 'Ci vediamo li'.

Who quoted o say can you see?

Frances Scott key, 1814.

How d o you say see you later in spanish?

hasta luego

How do you say nacionalidad?


How do you pronounce officium?

If you are using classical Latin, you say o-fee-kee-um. In medieval Latin it was pronounced o-fee-chee-um. In some modern contexts it would be said o-fee-see-um (this is the "Northern Continental pronunciation" recommended for scientific use).

Walt Disney never said goodbye what did he say?

see ya

What other ways to say Mas o menos in spanish?

Another way to say "más o menos" in Spanish is "así así". It is pronounced "ah-SEE ah-SEE". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

Why do they say 'Blind as a bat'?

Because it is said that bats can not see at all. This is not true. A bat can see.

How do you say i beg you in Japanese?

To say the words I beg you in Japanese you say Watashi wa anata o kou. These words are said in Latin as Rogo autem te.

Who said some men see things as they are and say why I dream of things that never were and say why not?

george bernard shaw

How do you say see you soon in Samoan?

Feiloa'i i se taimi o lata mai

How do you say see you next time in Samoan?

Feiloa'i i se taimi o i luma.

How do you say education in Navajo?

íhoo'aah--- is education in Navajo.The double o is said like a regular o but held for longer. Same for the a. The i is said like in "bit" The mark above the i is a high tone mark. The mark between o and a is a glottal stop consonant like in "uh'oh"

How does one say see you later in Hindi?

See you later can be said in Hindi as Phir Milte Hain ( Meet you later ).

How do you say see in Japanese?

see and watch are the same eg i watch a film - watashi WA eiga o MIMASU i see a cat - watashi WA neko o mimasu mimasu, miru, mitte, mitta

How do you say family in Hawaiian language?

Ohana. Haven't you ever seen Lilo and Stitch? :) -------------------------------------------------- 'Ohana is how it's correctly spelled. In the movie "Lilo and Stitch" though, they mispronounce 'ohana as "o-ha-nah". Broken down into syllables it is as follows; 'o is said as the "o" in "oat" ha is said as the "hu" in "hunt" and na is said as the "nu" in "nun"

What is the American national anthem word for word?

"O say can you see " and I don't know the rest

Who wrote O say can you see?

Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner.

How do you say in French see you later?

i think its 'a bientot.' with an accent grave (`) on the a and an accent circonflex (^) on the o

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