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Who said sometimes to create must destroy?

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Joseph Stalin or birth name (Joseph Vissarionovich Jugashvili ), it was his motto for rebuilding the communist country. Crashing buildings to build ones. We must destroy in order to create.

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Why would it be wonderful to be an alchemist?

Well for one thing, you could create and destroy whatever you wanted, but remember as said in the anime, to obtain something of equal value must be lost. "Alphonse Elric Fullmetal Alchemist"

Who said that you can not create or destroy energy?

Whoever wrote the Law of Conservation of Energy (This states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.)

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That all aspects of the peace should work together to create a certain effect

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Who said Do i not destroy my enemies when i make them my friends'?

Abraham Lincoln.

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Because sometimes you might of said something different that what you think you said. Make sure you are positive about it. Yyou may also get caught in a lie. Lying isn't good, but if you do, MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THE LIE !

Who said we will not have to destroy America America will destroy itself from within?

Osama Bin Laden

What was the exact statement Abraham Lincoln made when he said you can destroy your enemies by making them your friends?

"The best way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend"

Why do terrorist try to destroy the world?

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. that being said, terrorists usually are trying to cause a change in another groups actions through fear. Terrorists aren't trying to destroy the world they are trying to change their world. Through their staunch beliefs they must destroy anyone who stands in the way of making their belief a reality

Who wrote the quote sometimes you must lose everything to find yourself?

It is said in the book "The sky is everywhere" by Jandy Nelson. I don't know if it is the original quote or not.

What countries leader said the way to destroy America is from within?

Joseph Stalin

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What chapter and verse of the Bible is if found that Jesus said destroy this temple and in three days it will raise up?

John 2:19 - Jesus answered and said to them, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." [NKJV]

Did the Romans tolrate judamis?

Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't. It depended what the emperor said.

What was the first sign of propaganda?

When people first said there must be superhumans that control human destiny.When people first said there must be superhumans that control human destiny.When people first said there must be superhumans that control human destiny.When people first said there must be superhumans that control human destiny.

Pokemon emerald What is that vine that itt said you must find a way drop?

use secret power on certain trees, bushes, caves etc. it will create a secret base

Who said whom the gods would destroy they first make mad with power?


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What kind of a question is that?!?

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yes. yahoo said it will happen on march 19

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No he said its not real its fake

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