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"Ride of the Valkyries" was composed by Richard Wagner. There is no singing in it.

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What does valkyrie mean in English?

Valkyrie means 'Chooser of the Slain.'

What was the Production Budget for Valkyrie?

The Production Budget for Valkyrie was $90,000,000.

When did Operation Valkyrie happen?

Operation Valkyrie happened in 1944.

What actors and actresses appeared in Valkyrie Queen - 2013?

The cast of Valkyrie Queen - 2013 includes: George Kasarjian as Valkyrie Chorus Tenor Kristen Lamb Kasarjian as Valkyrie Chorus Mezzo Jenny Lee Mitchell as Valkyrie Chorus Soprano

Who owns the yacht Valkyrie?

johnny depp, depending on which valkyrie your talking about

What is the duration of Valkyrie film?

The duration of Valkyrie - film - is 2.07 hours.

When does Valkyrie come on DVD?

Valkyrie comes out on DVD on May 19, 2009

When is valkyrie coming out on DVD?

Valkyrie comes out on DVD May 19, 2009

What is the Valkyrie Digimon called in Digimon dawn?

Valkyriemon is the name of the valkyrie Digimon.

What does valkyrie mean?

The word Valkyrie means 'Chooser of the Slain' in Old Norse.

How do you say valkyrie in German?

Valkyrie. It's a German word English has 'adopted'.

What does valkyrie stand for?

The word means Valkyrie 'Chooser of the Slain' in Old Norse.

Who starred in the film Valkyrie?

The 2008 film Valkyrie starred Tom Cruise.

Who took part in operation valkyrie?

The U.S.A took part in operation valkyrie

How much money did Valkyrie gross worldwide?

Valkyrie grossed $203,902,107 worldwide.

When was UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie created?

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie was created in 2002.

What clubs are geared toward Honda Valkyrie owners?

The largest and most famous Honda Valkyrie motorcycle club is called the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club. There is also a large club called Valkyrie Owners Association International.

What is a valkyrie rocket?

A valkyrie is a mo-controlled rocket in call of duty black ops

How much money did Valkyrie gross domestically?

Valkyrie grossed $83,077,762 in the domestic market.

What is the duration of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie?

The duration of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie is 1.17 hours.

How do you replace Honda valkyrie air filter?

go to the valkyrie forum and look at their web page.

What is the difference between an angel and a Valkyrie?

Valkyrie is an illusion made by Coelo in his novel.. angels are beings..

When was Valkyrie - film - created?

Valkyrie - film - was created on 2008-12-25.

When was Valkyrie - Marvel Comics - created?

Valkyrie - Marvel Comics - was created in 1971.

Was Valkyrie in The Lord of the Rings?

No... ?

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