Who saved Britain from invasion in the battle of Britain?

First answer: The Battle of Britain was fought by the RAF in the skies above southern England.

Second improved answer: The Battle of Britain was a victory for the Royal Air Force (RAF) over the German Luftwaffe in 1940. At the time during World War Two, the RAF was given credit for preventing a German invasion. However, after the war more information from German records was researched that alters our understanding of the actual reasons that the Germans did not invade.

We know now, that Hitler was not originally in favor of an invasion for several reasons: 1) Because France was defeated & British ground forces were ejected from the continent, Hitler concluded that the war in west had been won & that Britain would either surrender (or come to terms) now or later. 2) Hitler intended to attack the Soviet Union as soon as possible, and did not want anything to interrupt or delay that invasion (originally scheduled for the Autumn of 1940, but postponed to early Summer 1941). 3) Hitler understood the great risk of an invasion across the English Channel, and did not want a defeat to interrupt his string of peacetime & wartime victories. 4) The German Navy was strongly opposed to an invasion in 1940 because it lacked sufficient warships & transports to undertake the invasion successfully. 5) The powerful Royal Navy was a great threat to any invasion and would have opposed the landings with maximum force. 6) Most importantly, weather conditions in the area were always unpredictable beyond 7 days out. The Germans would have needed 3-4 weeks of continuous perfect weather (good visibility & glassy smooth seas) at the start of the invasion just to use their transport barges (river not ocean-going types). This would have been nearly impossible to achieve in reality & totally impossible to forecast in advance. Hitler & the German Navy understood this.

Hitler allowed the German Luftwaffe an opportunity to defeat the RAF over England, not because he had decided to follow-up with an invasion, but because it left open the possibility in the minds of the British of an invasion, that he hoped would cause the British to end their participation in the war. Even if the Luftwaffe had been victorious, it is doubtful that Hitler would have ordered the invasion.

Principally the RAF