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It used to be sensational sherri(pre-attitude era). But after that, its all HBK. LIsten to the intro and his talking voice properly, It'll sound almost the same.

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Q: Who sings Shawn michaels entrance song?
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Who sings Sean micheals entrance song?

Shawn Michaels sings his own entrance theme.

Who sings Shawn micheals song?

Shawn Michaels

Who sings Shawn Michaels theme song?

Shawn Michaels entrance song is called " Sexy Boy ". The song " Sexy Boy " was originally written for Michaels by Jimmy Hart. Hart thanked Michaels personally for continuing to use the song as his entrance music when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. Michaels' entrance music was originally performed by Sherri Martel until she became a crowd favorite. The second version was performed by Michaels himself with traces of Sherri in the chorus portion of the song. The current version of the song in use today is the version Michaels sang himself.

Who performs Shawn michaels theme song?

Shawn Michaels himself.

Did Shawn Michaels really sing his theme song for the WWE?

Shawn Michaels

Why is Shawn Michaels using his old entrance music again?

Because Triple H is gone and he decided to use his own song

Where can you find Shawn Michaels' entrance from 'WrestleMania XII'?

Michaels' entered the arena by zip-line at Wrestlemania XII while his theme song "Sexy Boy" played. A video of his entrance can be found by following the link in the section below.

Who made the song of Shawn Michael in WWE raw?

Shawn michaels sang his own song

What is hbk theme song?

'Sexy Boy' by Michael Shawn Hickenbottom. (Shawn Michaels)

Who sings Floyd mayweather Jr. entrance song?

he sings his theme song

Who sings edges theme song?

James Alan johnston . He also plays Shawn michaels, dudley boys (were comin down) and dx entrance. James Alan johnston composes most of the music for the wwe but the actual answer u need is it was sang by an band called alterbridge and the song is metalangus hope this helps

Who does Shawn Michaels entrance music?

initially it was sherri martel but then later on it was ShawnHBK sings his own entrance music.Answernope its some guy that Jim Johnson (wwe songwriter) hired to SOUND like Shawn... the real HBK can't carry a tune in a bucket. ANSWERSorry but you are very wrong Jim Johnson did not hire anyone to sound like SHawn nor did Jim write the song. HBK sings his own entrance theme and Jimmy Hart wrote the theme.