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Who sings hey there delilah?

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the Plain White T's sing Hey There Delilah

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Who sings hey there delilah songs?

plain white t's

Who sings the song hey there Delilah?

the plain white tees

What are the lyrics to Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's?

If you Google "hey there Delilah lyrics" you can find them

What are the plain white T's?

A band They wrote "Hey there Delilah" They are a band. They sing hey there delilah and 1,2,3,4

How many songs with Delilah in title?

hey there delilah-plain white tees

Who out of One Direction sang Hey There Delilah in his first X Factor audition?

Louis Tomlinson sang hey there Delilah in his audition

What is Tom Higgenson's inspiration?

it was his former gf delilah who inspired the song "hey there delilah"

Who is the song hey their Delilah about?

The song 'Hey there Delilah' is about Tom Higgenson, the lead singer of the Plain White Tees' ex-girlfriend, Delilah DiCrescenzo. Delilah had told Tom that she already had a boyfriend, but he still loved her so much that he wrote a song about her.

Is hey there Delilah a ballet song?


Who wrote Hey There Delilah?

plain white tee's

Who sang hey there delilah?

The Plain White T's

What is the tuning on guitar for Hey There Delilah?

normal EADgbe

What was Louis Tomlinsons audition song?

Hey there delilah

What are the instruments in Hey There Delilah?

Guitar, Cello, and Violin

Who from one direction sang hey there Delilah?

The member of One Direction who sang 'Hey There Delilah' is Louis Tomlinson. He sang it when auditioning for The X Factor, back in 2010.

Which band's Hey There Delilah inspired a line of t-shirts reading I Am Delilah?

the plain white ts

Which bands Hey There Delilah inspired a line of t-shirts reading you are Delilah?

The Plain White T's.

What are the string instruments in Hey There Delilah?

Well one instrument i know for sure is the guitar. I'm not sure what the others are but the notes for hey there delilah can be played on any string instrument.

Is hey there delilah is any movies?

Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tee's has not been featured in any movies. It has, however, been featured in the television show Grey's Anatomy.

Who sings hey hey hey hey thinking about you?


Who wrote the song Hey There Delilah?

plain white tees

What is the name of the model in the Hey There Delilah video?

Melissa mcnelis

What was the plain white t's first song?

It was Hey there Delilah

What is the mood of the song Hey there Delilah?

Sad, caring and romantic.

What instruments are played in hey there Delilah?

guitar, Violin, Vocals.

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