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It's a womans voice that sings on the Chevrolet commercials that are being played on the Olympics.

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Who sings the newest Mcdonald's commercial?

Benjamin Houri

Who sings the newest iPod nano commercial?

Miss Li sings the song in the newest iPod commercial, the video iPod. She's Swedish, and pretty hot too!!

Who sings the song from the newest dockers commercial?

Marlena Shaw

Who sings the song in the newest ipod commercial?

Feist (I think that's the commercial you mean.)

Who sings America in Chevrolet commercial?

Ray Charles.

Who sings the newest 'The Event commercial song?

civil twilight

Who sings the song in Chevrolet cruze commercial?

Janelle Monae

Who sings the newest Target spanish commercial?

The band that sings the new Target commercial is not a band. The singer is an individual artist named Adrian Guerra.

Who sings the theme song for newest target commercial?

Jessie magarthy hottie!!!!! :)

Who sings the song in the newest Gatorade commercial?

o fortuna by carl orff

Who sings the newest song in the new mcdonalds mcrib commercial?

Matt White

Who sings in newest ihop commercial?

It sounds like Jewel. Can anyone confirm?

Who sings the song 'Peace Love and Gap' in the newest Gap commercial?

The artist Common sings the Peace, Love and Gap song in the Gap commercial.

Who sings the new 2010 Chevy truck commercial?

not sure which commercial you are referring to but Dawes- "when my time comes" is in their newest ad

What girl sings on the Chevrolet volt commercial?

Bobby Bob Robert the 3rd!

Who sings the song for the new Chevrolet cruze commercial?

Janelle Monae Tightrope

Who sings the song in the newest Saturn Vue commercial?

Simple Kid- Lil' King Kong

Who sings Fever in newest Desperate Housewives commercial?

madonna! and it's the dance floor remix.

Who sings the little sunshine song in the Chevrolet commercial with babies?

Mississppi john hurt

Who sings the song to the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox commercial?

The real tuesday weld its raining

What is the song in the newest General Motors commercial?

Brandi Carlile sings "The Story" , the song on the new GM commercial aired on the Olympics coverage.

Who sings the song in the newest dell commercial where a girl is riding a scooter?

the song is "the wand" by the flaming lips

Who sings the song on the newest JC Penny commercial?

The song is called "Follow the Arrow" by Rosi Golan

Who sings Lets have a real good time song in the newest Dr Pepper commercial?

Pit Bull

Who sings the song on the bones commercial?

The latest commercial for Bones airing in October 2011 has Matt Nathanson's "Faster" from his newest album, Modern Love.