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the police

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Q: Who sings the song in the commercial from Nannie McPhee?
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Who sings the Prius commercial song?

The question was who sings the song, not who wrote it.

Who sings the song in the 'Diamonds are Forever' commercial?

Shakira sings the song in the Diamonds are Forever commercial.

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Annie Little sings the song fly me away in the Amazon Kindle commercial.

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Alex Lloyd

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Cat Stevens wrote the song. Cat Powers sings the song in the commercial.

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Russel Peterson sings the song on the lakers commercial.

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The song in the Dell commercial is a remake of the song Lollipop by The Chordettes

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The person who sings the Lays chips commercial song is Leah Clarks

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The Heavy sings How You Like Me Now from the Kia commercial

What song does Craig Manning sing on the degrassi goes to Hollywood commercial its called rescue me or something that he sings does anyone know?

the song Craig sings on the "degrassi goes to Hollywood" commercial is called "rescue you". he sings this song to ellie in that particullar commercial.

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song in the refrigerator commercial

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i do

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It is not a Scion commercial.

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Daft Punk sings that song.

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Outasight sings it. And the song is called "Tonight is the night".

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Megan Mullally sings the song.

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Buddy Holly sings that song!

New mcdonalds commercial song?

who sings the sings for the burger 55 in uk

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The song is Wires by Athlete.

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The song is "Parade" by Heypenny.

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"It belongs to the woman", is the name of the song.

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Mika sings the song and the album is "Life in Cartoon Motion"