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no because you already bought them so it the system wont delete them

It means if you have bought anything on the particular app before you updated it you can restore those things you bought on that app

about 43 million people have bought minecraft on the PC, about 11 million people bought it on PE, and about 24 million people bought it on xbox and playstation

Go to iTunes and click restore under. It will restore and set everything to how the iPod was original bought.

In the 'account settings' menu, there is a restore hidden apps button Or you can just re-buy it, as you have already bought it, it won't appear on your app history or charge you for it again

Activision cant get any proper numbers yet, but It has grossed over $500 million already

Yes it is being bought by google, it might have already been bought

You can personalise them at sport direct , pro direct , or Lovell soccer already bought

about 50 million have bought call of duty. about 10 million have bought minecraft.

I BOUGHT a can of coke.You can only use it if you have already bought something. But you cannot say I am going to bought this can of coke.

If you mean to restore the iPod to the condition you bought it at, it is free. Simply connect it to iTunes and click restore. Hope this helps.

There was about 2.2 million that bought the 1st telephone

Everythings gone .. Like its the way it was when you FIRST bought it .

Alaska was bought by the USA from Russia in the early 1800's for $72 million.

YES i already bought it

It can already be bought on DVD.

Yes, the United States bought Alaska from Russia. In 1867 Alaska was bought from Russia for $7.2 million dollars.

It is estimated that between 145 million and 180 million Valentine's Day cards are bought in the United States every year. Eighty-five percent of them are bought by women.

Yes but you have to restore any holes that are made in the instalation or removal of the equipment.

I bought a guitar for a quarter million:)

It's already in stores i already bought No. 4 at Barns and Nobles.

The United States bought California (and New Mexico) for $15 million from the Mexican government.

Real Madrid bought Cristiano Ronaldo for £80 million in 2009, from Manchester United.

The Book of Eragon has been bought by approximately 33.5 million people.

It is already out and can be bought from an Argos store.

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