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Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant over the very first ever made telephone/Thomas-A-Wattson

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Q: Who spoke Mr. Watson Come here I need you?
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What things did Alexander Graham Bell do to know how to invent the telephone?

he invented the telephone in 1876 and the first word he spoke on the telephone was Watson come here. i need you.

What did Alexander bell want Watson for when he spoke into the telephone?

He split some acid on himself and need help. The quote is: "Come quick Watson I need your help."

What was said in the first phone call?

Watson- come here I need you.

What is the first word that the inventor of the telephone said?

Watson, come here, i need you

What were the first words said over the telephone?

Mr. Watson, come here, I need you.

What did Alexander Graham Bell say through the telephone?

he said... "Watson come here i need you"

What were the first words spoken on a telephone?

"Mr. Watson. Come over here. I need to see you."

What were the first words spoken on the telephone?

"Mr. Watson. Come over here. I need to see you."

When was the first telephone created?

In 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. The famous conversation was that Bell said, "Watson, come here, I need you," and Watson heard him.

What did Alexander Graham Bell say when he made the first phone?

When Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone, he said, "Watson, come here. I need you."

If Alexander Graham Bell received an award who would he thank?

His mother for inspiration (he was trying to help with her hearing loss) and his assistant Watson, to whom he made the first telephone call (sort of by accident). He uttered, "Watson, come here. I need you."

What were the first words uttered over a telephone?

Mr. Watson.... Come here... I need you! Alexander Graham-bell said this to his assistant. these were the first words ever uttered into a telephone =] history is awesome

What date was the first Victorian telephone invented?

It was invented by Alexander graham bell in 1876 due to an accident. he was working on the telephone and he spilt some liquid, his assistant was working downstairs. Alexander shouted "Watson come here i need you !" and Watson heard it therefore the telephone was born

Did anyone help Alexander graham bell make the telephone?

Yes, Alexander Graham Bell had an assistant named Thomas Watson. The famous first words spoken on the first telephone, spoken by Bell, were "Watson! Come here! I need you!" Please see the related link below.

Whom did Alexander Graham Bell speak to in the first test of his new telephone?

His assitant, Thomas Watson. He told Thomas Watson "Get over here, I need to tell you something." -Tigerlily

What were the first words on the first telephone by Alexander Graham Bell?

"Watson, come here, I need you." These words changed the whole world when Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever call on a telephone in 1876.

When did Alex Graham Bell talk for the first time on telephone?

Mr. watson, come herer i need you

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What were the first words over the telephone?

The first words ever spoken on a telephone were, " Mr. Watson! Come here! I need you!" spoken by Alexander Gram Bell, who at the time, had just spilled acid on himself while testing his new invention. Very true.

When was the Telephone first used by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1840's 50's or 60's?

On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell first used the telephone to call his assistant, Tom Watson. He delivered the first telephone message stating, "Mr. Watson! Come here! I need you." Watson was able to hear Bell's message clearly. This was done three days after getting the patent for the device.

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