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If your ex makes you mad and you start to cry and then he calls you the next day and asks you if you are ok what should you do if you love him and you can't just give up?

Answer . \nfirst of all why are you crying? If your crying just to get attention maybe you should stop! Because it's not fazing him obviously and it seems to me that you are wasting alot of unneccessary tears if your boyfriend is mistreating you and you are always crying then maybe you should re ( Full Answer )

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Because It helps you think in the begging of the day giving you energy to work, as in school, work, traveling, and if you don't eat you can damage your body badly. It is also the only to really wake your metabolism up- which means the sooner you eat breakfast the sooner your body will begin to burn ( Full Answer )

How do you start a breakfast stand?

Most municipalities require a health permit to set up a mobile food stand, or any other kind of business that sells food. Contact your local health department to find out the laws and requirements in your area.. Then, after you've found that out, hand out flyers, posters, and leaflets about your br ( Full Answer )

Is breakfast scientifically proven to be the most important meal of the day?

Yes, scientists have proven that Breakfast is the most important meal of your day, this is because it gives you energy .... also, if you woke up feeling hungry, and there was no breakfast, would you:. A: Feel fine and wait till lunch. B: Get into a grumpy mood about it. C: Complain to your paren ( Full Answer )

How can i ask how was your day?

How about something like this: Hi, how was your day?. 2 answ: Yeah, that one is good, or you could try some variations, like 'Have a good day' or Did you have a good day?

What is a breakfast food that starts with m?

muffins . mini wheats . mini bagels . maple syrup . milk . mushroom and cheese omelet . Multigrain Cheerios . Muslix Cereal . mutligrain bagel . marmalade

Why is it important to have breakfast every day?

After an overnight fast, breakfast is important to increase blood glucose levels and to jump start metabolic processes. There has been an epidemic rise in being overweight and obese in the last couple of decades, and part of the explanation for that is the tendency many people have to skip the most ( Full Answer )

Suppose Kalvin tosses a coin to determine his breakfast cereal every day. He starts on his 12th birthday and ends on his 18th birthday. How many times would you expect him to eat Cocoa Blast cereal?

It would be 50% of the time. The question gives a time line of fromhis 12th birthday to his 18th birthday but that information wasn'tneeded. The question is basically you have a coin... you flip it.what is the odds that it lands on heads so Kalvin enjoys a bowl ofhis favorite Cocoa Blast Cereal. Th ( Full Answer )

Who started the modern breakfast cereal industry?

Dr. J. H. Kellogg started the modern breakfast cereal industry. He intended to developed a simple food to help people (usually young people) control their presumably hard-to-control sexual desire. Dr. Kellogg, the director of a large hospital, believed several factors clearly indicated a person mast ( Full Answer )

When a girl dumps you and asks if you can still be friends and you start acting like best friends a couple of days after the break up what does this mean?

Pretty much you guys still like each other,but you guys dont know what to do ,so you guys just stay as "best friends". Well it could just mean that she's trying to show you that being friends is all your doing. Don't try to make a move on her, unless she does and you both want to or somethi ( Full Answer )

Does McDonald's serve breakfast all day?

No, McDonald's stops serving breakfast when they start serving lunch, usually this is at 10:30, but it may depend on the location.

Why is it so important to eat a good breakfast every day?

It is important to eat a good breakfast everyday because your body needs nutrients. Protein is important to maintain muscles function and regeneration and carbohydrates are necessary for energy. Eating something quickly after waking up allows the body to get ready for the day after sleeping.

A list of breakfast foods that start with a-z?

Apple Jacks (Kellogg's), Basic 4 (General Mills), Cap'n Crunch (Quaker Oats), Diamond Shreddies (General Mills), Eggo (Kellogg's), Fruit Loops (Kellogg's), Granola (Kellogg's), Honeycomb (Post), Ice Cream Cones (General Mills), Just Right (Kellogg's), Kix (General Mills), Lucky Charms (General Mills ( Full Answer )

What kind of breakfast do the Days Inn Hotels provide?

Days Inn Hotels provide a complimentary "Daybreak Breakfast" for their guests. This breakfast consists of an assortment of common breakfast items such as cereal, coffee, fruit, orange juice, eggs and bacon.

How does not eating breakfast affect how you feel during that day?

Breakfast affects our mood and our waistlines. Those of use who regularly skip breakfast are likely to gain more weight, mostly because we make it up later in the day by eating more. Eating breakfast has many benefits to your health and skipping this important meal can reduce your weight loss succes ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in All Day Breakfast - 1992?

The cast of All Day Breakfast - 1992 includes: Susie Blake as Various characters Shirley Cain as Nurse Celia Imrie as Various characters Richard Lintern as Sean Philip Lowrie as Various Characters Sara Powell as Medical Secretary Duncan Preston as Various Characters Nicholas Pritchard as Mr. Beech - ( Full Answer )

Is it good to eat 5 eggs for breakfast every day?

That sounds like a LOT. I don't think more than one would be thebest thing. Rather, have other things with the egg, such as a sliceor two of whole wheat bread, or a bowl of oatmeal.

What are Breakfasts starting with letter p?

Pancakes, Peanut Butter (commonly applied to toast or bananas), Poached Eggs, Pop-Tarts, Potato Cakes, Pops (cereal) Porridge and for those on the go, a Protein Bar are all acceptable breakfast dishes.