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Who started Shinto?

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There's no one founder for Shinotism.

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Where was Shinto started?

Shinto was originated in Japan.

Who originally started Shinto?

a samuari named Shinto

Where did the religion Shinto start?

in japan the shinto religion had started

When was Shinto intruduced to Japan?

Shinto was never introduced to Japan that it where it originated and it is unclear as to when it started but it received the name Shinto in the 6th century so it could be distinguished from the other eastern religions

When did the Shinto religion fall?

no one really knows when it started but it they do know that it started before b.c.

Where did Shinto start from?

shintoism, the Japanese religion started primarily in ancient japan.

When did Shinto religion start in japan?

According to the patheos website, Shinto started at around 500 BCE. Please see related link below for source.

What is the Shinto religion closely associated with which country in east Asia?

Shinto is a belief system based on oneness with nature that started in Japan a long, long time ago.

What are the three main branches of Shinto?

Shrine Shinto< yo Shinto< my Shinto

Who founded Shinto?

Yoshida Shinto

Why was Shinto started?

Shinto was not "started", like Christianity. It developed as the native primitive religion of the Japanese people thousands of years ago. It changed and developed and evolved just like all religions do. But there was no "founder" of Shinto like there is in Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and even Judaism and Islam. There's really no answer for "why" Shinto started, other than to meet the spiritual demands of the early aboriginal Japanese people. Unlike many other religions, Shinto has no founder, no sacred text, no developed religious philosophy , or specific moral code. The word "Shinto" did not come into use until the Japanese needed a term to distinguish their traditional religious practices from Buddhism and Confucianism, which came to Japan via cultural diffusion from mainland China and Korea. Nature purity and tranquility are stressed in the beliefs and practices of Shinto. Shinto (which is often still regarded as the state religion of Japan), and Buddhism, are the major religions. Christianity (mostly Catholic), accound for less than 2% of the Japanese population.

What building is Shinto practiced in?

a Shinto shrine

What is Shinto sabbath?

Shinto day of rest

What is the language of Shinto religion?

Shinto is in Japan

When did the Shinto gain its following?

Shintoism is as old as Japan. It gained its following when people went to Japan and started settling there

Another name for temple is Shinto?

No. Shinto is a system of spiritual beliefs/practices. But you can have Shinto shrines (temples).

What is a Shinto gateway?

torii, a gateway to a Shinto shrine

Is Shinto polytheism or monotheism?

Shinto believes in polytheism.

What is the origins of Shinto?

nobody knows when Shinto was originated.

Is Shinto like Paganism?

Shinto is Paganism in Japan.

What has the author Sakae Chiba written?

Sakae Chiba has written: 'Yoshikawa shinto no kenkyu' -- subject(s): Shinto 'Yoshikawa shinto no kenkyu' -- subject(s): Shinto

Who are the believers of Shinto?

Most believers of Shinto are Japanese. Shinto is an action-centered religion, focused on diligently carried out rituals. Shinto practices date back to the eighth century.

What is Sectarian Shinto?

In the modern era Shinto-derived religious organizations can be broadly divided into two types, namely "sectarian Shinto" (kyōha Shintō) and "Shinto-derived new religions" (Shintōkei shinshūkyō). The term "sectarian Shinto" is widely used to indicate the thirteen sects of Shinto of the prewar era.

Do Shinto have to do anything with African culture?

No, the Shinto religion is from Japan.

Who invented Shinto?

the Shinto religion was invented by the people of Japan