Who started flipping people off?

Baloney History
(The Lighter Side of History)

The practice began as far back as Homo Erectus who spent a great deal of their time flipping off Homo Habilus, who in turn spent a great deal of their time flipping off Homo Neanderthalis. We know this because archeologist's have spent a great deal of time uncovering and digging up the bones of these ancient people and a great many of them were found with their left or in the case of the Neanderthals, their right hand clearly formed where the middle finger is prostrate while the remaining fingers curled up. This could all just be coincidental but archeologist's are convinced it was the time honored tradition of flipping off your neighbor. It has been a controversial issue because many archeologist's are fully aware of the fact, that while Fred Flinstone may have had one of those golf cart looking cars, most cavemen did not have cars and so most likely didn't get stuck in traffic or even cut off by some rude driver who's talking on his cell phone. There are many people who believe that it was the cook for Ol' King Cole who began the practice of flipping off, because he's the one who gave ol' King Cole the bird. Four and twenty blackbirds, to be exact, baked in a pie. But, this is clearly not true because there is no historical evidence that ol King Cole ever existed.